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Already we saw the tips to gain the space by deleting unwanted emails in default email system folder in part 1. Today tip is related to  filter and label concept. So you must have enough knowledge in filter option in gmail. Already we saw Filter option in Gmail. Like that, already we also saw about Labels in Gmail. Lets go to new trick... Read it properly / slowly and understand well before you go to read next topic. Here i described with example to understand properly.

FILTER: Already we discussed about filter option in gmail. It too helpful to you collect the unwanted mail and we can delete it bulk. You feel some unwanted mail come from same email id continuously. Like that newsletter also. ( Otherwise unsubscribe the newsletter.)  Like this our email id  collect the unwanted mail. So you collect the unwanted email from our account and put in to one folder ( Label ) using filter. Then remove bulk. We need to take care in this process. In next topic, i described briefly about process and care we need to take.

REMOVE UNWANTED MAIL IN BULK: Sometime we will receive the emails conterminously even if we not subscribe. Some newsletter not provide the option to unsubscribe. One more example, i subscribed to '@@@' newsletter. Very Very rarely i will get one good email from this newsletter. But mostly i will get unwanted email . So i added the email id of this newsletter in this filter option. By reading subject i will find whether it is helpful or not. If it helpful means i will move it to inbox.   

Like this, we will get lot emails and we need to delete the particular mails by search. Sure it will take time to delete. To avoid this problem filter option helpful to you. Using this trick, we collect these unwanted mail to one folder automatically and remove it bulk. So sure, you will save more time. To do this trick, you must have enough knowledge in Gmail Filter. Already we saw about Gmail Filter. Read that article and understand . 

  • First create one label and name it as your wish like 'Recycle' or ' Bin' or 'Garbage' or anything. ( I created Bin )
  • Then create one filter by adding the unwanted email. 
  • In 'Choose Action', Select the option 'Apply Label' and select the label 'Bin' ( Newly created folder by you ). Then finish the process.

  • We can remove the email in bulk
  • We can save our time
  • We clean the email account from unwanted emails
  • We can save the useful email if we find here
  • One important message in this trick means, read the subject of email and keep it safely if it useful to you before you do the bulk remove process.
  • We can use 'Delete Forever' here.


Gmail have one more option called delete forever. In gmail, if we delete any mail means, it moves to 'Trash' folder. It will stay in 'Trash' folder for 30 days and 31 th day delete by gmail automatically ( This is the reason why email space of gmail shows differently for everyday ) . If we delete the email using 'Delete Forever' means, we never get the email. So be careful before you delete the email using 'Delete Forever'

Above tips will helpful to who are created gmail latest. Keep the instruction and keep your gmail perfectly. Some members does not maintain from the beginning. So its very difficult to clean. To solve this problem ‘FIND BIGMAIL’ feature will use. It scan our gmail account and provide the result which mail occupy large space by filter. First visit Then provide your gmail username and password. Then follow the steps what they told. It takes time to scan nearly 30 min or one hour. Finally you will get result. Based on that result delete the mails which you don’t like. If you don’t like to do above steps means, simply create one more gmail account.