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Friends! Today we will see how to get new look to Facebook profile. This look is called as Timeline. This one of the latest and popular feature among Facebook Users. Already i published in Hari11888 Blogspot Google Group how to get this feature. Now TEAM MEMBERS are enjoying this feature. Who tried to get this feature by manually / link, they are confused by the look . By the consideration of this problem, below i provided simple steps to get this feature. This is very easy to get. If you don't like this look means, you can disable it simply. Lets go...

  • First Login to Facebook & Go to Facebook Developers
  • Now click 'Allow' and go to next step. Then Click + create new app 
  • Give any name in ' App Display Name ' 
  • Then give any other name in 'app name space' until you see the available in green color. Here don't give space else you will get 'failed' in red color. Most of the member did this.
  • Agree the condition and click continue. Next, finish the 'word verification' 
  • In this page, left hand side click 'open graph'
  • Type anything on People can _________ a _________ field. Don't use any symbols here! Then click 'get started'. For example Read , Book
  • You will direct new page. Here click 'save changes and next' . Don't fill any thing on this page.
  • Again two times , click the same button and don't fill any thing! Now you finished everything!
  • Go to your profile. Here you will see new notification. In that , click 'get it now'.

Now see your profile! how is it ? Wondered or shocked ? If any of your friend see your profile, they will see only old profile! Who joined in this Facebook developer apps only can able to see your new Facebook time line profile! 

Most of the members wondered with this new feature! You can disable this feature at anytime if you not like. I hope everyone sure like this. Let see how to disable this feature.

  • Visit Facebook Developer Apps
  • Now its opens your Apps.
  • In Right hand side top, you well see the button 'Edit App'
  • Click it and enter into edit app.
  • Bottom of the left hand side, Click 'Delete App'
  • Now you successfully disabled