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Now we will see one amazing trick to logon xp os. To provide more security to our windows xp we put logon password. Sometime it may be lost or forgot the administrator password. To recover the password, most of the members use tools in net. But they will say 'use this at your own risk'. One more trick, most of the member use this. That is, they will logon to Safe Mode - Administrator - User Account   and then change the password. This trick take more time and irritate. But sometime these tricks are may come to failure.

To solve this problem below trick will helpful to you. This trick is new to you. It is more simple. Takes only few seconds only. This is highlight of the trick. Sure you will wonder and amazing. Remember i tried this trick  only on windows xp.

First  Logon to windows xp and wait till they ask username and password. Now press Ctrl + Alt + Del twice times. Remember, here i told to press twice time. Now they will ask the username and password. In username, type 'Administrator' and leave blank in password field. Press ok button. Now os logon successfully.

Next Goto Control panel.  Click user accounts. Now you can change or remove the password as your wish. Using this trick, we successfully logon and recover our os in few seconds. This is one of rare trick and keep on your mind always. Remember nowadays most of the members still using xp os. You will be differ from others!