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Today we will see, how to add animation to start menu in windows os. I hope , today post is new to you and more enjoyable.  Whenever we click the startmenu, it appear simply. If it appear with animation means, it looks more beautiful. 

Startmenu Animation is a small utility and provides beautiful animation to start menu. By this software, it cools your eyes and more interest to work with startmenu. You can make your friends to wonder. This is very cool and interesting. Don't miss to try.

Download Startmenu Animation  and extract it. It will contain exe file, images, text file and Cache folder. Double click on exe file. Its enough. Now click the startmenu. Startmenu  will appear very fast  with animation. 

If there are some problems with your animation, just delete the folder Cache and then run the exe application. Size of the file is  1.3 Mb only.  Remember it supports only  Xp, Vista and Windows 7.