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House of wax - One of the Hollywood horror movie. Story of the movie is...Group of persons will trap in a house which made full of wax in a town. In that town, everything is made up of wax. If anyone entered into that town, they will turn into wax by 3 Person. Why those guys did this work? 

Converting a man  to wax work in this movie & Murder way may disgust to you. This movie will be bore to you for first half. To understand this movie, you must watch first half. The second half will be very interesting and more thrill or horror to you. Don't miss to watch 2nd half of this movie if you feel first half is bore. In climax, house will started to fusing due to fire accident. Some of the scene like Converting a man into wax while alive, cutting the finger, close the mouth with gum are highlight of this movie.

If you like to need time pass means, you can watch this movie. Every one can watch this movie one time. Watching with subtitle will give you better experience. As usual, i like to say, please avoid this movie who hates disgust. Movie run time is 1 hour 48 minutes 6 seconds. This movie got the score 5.3 out of 10. Finally i like to say, don't miss to watch this movie . Don't miss to watch the scene above i specified in yellow color.