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Today we will see the trick in Vodafone.  If you recharge for 50 rs means, you will get 42 rs approximately. So, 8 rs includes the tax etc. So, here we loss our 8 Rs. By this trick, hereafter you will get full talk time in Vodafone at recharge every time. There is no hack in this trick. Its an specialty. Just follow the simple steps below. Its only for Vodafone customers.

  • Call to 121 from your mobile 
  • Now Vodafone will tell you what are the full talk time available for your Vodafone number
  • Then  recharge to amount you received from 121 in Recharge shop. 

Consider, if you get the full talk time offer for amount 50 rs means, initially you will get 42 rs. After few minutes you will get extra talk time 8 rs. 

You will get the offer from the amount  40. You may get the full talk time offer  for 50 rs  ,100 rs, 200 rs and more. Remember, you can call to this no at any time. Suddenly, you will get the full talk time offer. 

One more important info, to get full talk time, first you must call to this no before you recharge. You must recharge to amount what you get from 121.