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Today we will see  how to purchase the android based mobile phones. If you have android mobile, without below specification, you can't able to enjoy the android apps and os fully. I hope, this info helpful to who are ready to purchase new android mobile now / feature  

Android mobiles are available at min price from Rs 5000. We can't able to enjoy the android os with these rate mobiles. Better to purchase one costly mobile with below specification. Purchasing the new low cost  mobile again and again is better than purchase the costly mobile one time. With my mobile experience, i provided the below spec. Before you purchase, kindly check this spec.



To enjoy the Live wallpapers , Videos and to work with android os, your mobile phone should be high clarity. Otherwise you will suffer with camera pictures, videos, wallpapers and surfing browsing and os. When you purchase the mobile, kindly check  the spec ,resolution and pixel density. If it high, mobile clarity will be high. These are very very important for display option.


Generally, most the people have think, having primary camera ( Camera where presents back side of the phone ) is enough. But this is really wrong, Your mobile, must have Secondary camera ( Camera where presents front side of the phone ). If your mobile have secondary camera means, you can able to enjoy video chat, you can use Face recognition apps for security features, you can use mobile camera as webcam for video chat ( Primary camera also act as an webcam ) using android apps available in market. More useful apps are require front camera. So, purchase your mobile with front camera. 


Generally, high clarity mobiles phones are provide better clarity when you take the picture. But if it have LED flash means, clarity will increase on picture. Especially we can take the photo also at dark. You can use the LED flash as Torch light using android apps. Like this, it have more functions and helpful.


This is one of the mail spec from this list. You must concentrate on highly. Memory in mobiles are 1) Internal memory / Phone memory 2) External memory / SD card or memory card. In external memory, we can increase upto 16 gb or 32 gb. So no problem with this. But,

If internal memory is low means like 150 Mb, 250 Mb means you can't able to enjoy your mobile with applications. Remember, when you install android apps from market, we can store in Internal or External memory. Some apps have a facility to store in SD card. Some of the apps we must install in Phone memory only. We can't able to install in SD card. 

For example, Facebook , Google Play and more apps are we must install in Phone memory only. Can't able to install on SD card. Facebook apps file size is 13 mb. It will provide updates in features and occupy more space in phone memory. If phone memory is full means, we can't able to install some other apps which we can't able to install on sd card. So carefully check your mobile phone memory minimum is 1GB. Nowadays mobile phone comes on internal memory with more than 3 GB .


Most of the android phones not play the flash video while surf on browse. Adobe is not provide the Flash apps for old mobiles. Only for new version mobile, Flash app is available. So check  your mobile support the Flash or not while purchase.

6) RAM

Check the Ram memory of your android phone. It is similar to pc ram. If Ram memory is high, performance of os is high. If you install more app, need speed more means, Ram memory should be high. So Ram memory should be high.


In android phone,  few company not provide the option to update latest version. Mobiles available in market with Android Froyo. You can upgrade it upto only Gingerbread version. But latest version of android is Jelly bean, We can't able to upgrade the Jelly bean version even android is open source,

Some of the apps in market is require an latest version to android os to  install. But, Few companies allows to upgrade upto latest versions. Few companies not allow to upgrade latest version. So choose the company for your best. 

Costly mobiles basically come with FM, Touch, Proximity Sensor, no of sim, Wifi, Bluetooth etc. So you no need to worry about that. Based on your requirement , purchase the android. But, remember without above spec don't purchase any android phone. Otherwise, you only suffer yourself. From Experience :(