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Today we see two amazing android application. These two apps, will provide the notifications on your desktop pc  or laptop whenever you receive the sms, mms, phone call, battery status, actions perform in your phone. 

In what situation these apps will helpful to you ? 

Consider you are left your phone on hall and you are working with your laptop or desktop in your room. Then how did you know if phone is ring ? If it in silent mode ? or any other reason. Its very funny when you use these apps.

Here i intro two  apps. Install both application and receive all features. Read the features of each application and install which you inspired. Read the installation procedure and enjoy this app with more fun. By using this apps, you will differ among your friends.


1) In your Android phone, install the Desk Notifier app from Google Play

3) Connect your PC with mobile using WIFI, providing ip address in pc Desk Notifier software where ip address present in your phone.

  • Sms notification
  • Reply option to sms
  • Phone call notification
  • Connect your pc with WIFI or USB
  • Any actions performs in mobile and more


1) In your Android phone, install the Remote notifier for android from Google Play

2) Then download and  install Remote Notifier for android  pc software from the list based on your os type.

3) Connect your PC with mobile using WIFI or Bluetooth

  • Sms notification
  • Mms notification
  • Battery notification
  • Phone call notification
  • Connect your pc with WIFI or Bluetooth
  • Voice mail and more 
When you use this application, connect your PC with mobile using any ONE wireless method. Don't activate Bluetooth and wifi in your mobile at the same time. Else you will get error.

Don't miss these useful application, use it and be differ among your friend. Especially more helpful app to everyone. Have fun.Everything is free to use. More android magic is waiting to you! Be ready to enjoy. Have fun!