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Today we will see one useful trick! This post is very helpful to every Google users who activated Two step verification & helps you for upcoming post. I think, most of the members sure met this problem. Already we saw about Two step verification, if you activated two step verification in your gmail account, you can't able to signin in chat clients like Gtalk, Aim etc. But two step verification provides superb security to our gmail account. In this situation sure confuse which service is best. Now you can able to signin in gtalk even if you activated Two step verification in gmail. 

A) First Signin to gmail account.

B) Now visit  IssuedAuthSubTokens Link. Enter the password again if it ask.

C) In step 1, Type 'Gtalk' & click 'Generate Password'

D) Now it shows a password with characters. Copy that                 password  in notepad and save it safely. ( Important ) 

E) Click 'Done'.

Now access Gtalk. Enter username and then paste the password you copied in password field. Finally click 'signin'. Now gtalk login successfully! Whenever you like to login gtalk, paste the password saved in notepad. Once password generated, you must copy and save it. It does not shows again! If you lost that password means, don't worry! Just delete the 'Gtalk' in that link and generate new password. Remove it by clicking 'Revoke' in blue color.

If you enabled two step verification, its not compatible with Gtalk, chat clients, outlook , smartphone like iphone etc. That is,  You can able to use this two step verification only in Browsers. Not in any other applications. I hope, now you understand why gtalk is login if you set two step verification. So, using this password you can able to login any 3rd party applications also like outlook, iphone etc.  

NOTE: Don't use this password in Gtalk Labs edition. It does not accept your password. In Gtalk Labs edition, additionally you will get the option 'Invisible' mode not in Gtalk.

You will meet the problem when you try to Signin in below applications if you activated Two step verification. Whenever you meet the problem, signin the password using Issued Auth Sub Tokens :-

  •  Chat clients like Gtalk, AIM etc
  •  Mail clients like Outlook, Thunderbird etc.
  •  Smartphones like Iphone, Blackberry, Android etc.
  • Any Third party applications.

If you removed that 'Gtalk' by clicking 'Revoke', the password you generated is not work! Like this we can change our password. If any one finds your password means, you can disable that password by clicking 'Revoke'. You can use any word instead of 'Gtalk'. Its an identification to you. Use the word properly to remember you. This is an wonderful feature. Every Two Step Activated user must know this info! Feel the Technology! 

This trick not only for Gtalk, its applicable to all other Google services!