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Gmail plays important role in our life. Now Google provide wonderful feature to save our gmail account from hackers. That is Two step verification. Already most of the members know about this feature. I feel surely this post will helpful to still who don't know about this. This two step verification is very easy. Hereafter mostly not possible to hack gmail account who are using this feature. This is the way providing more security to our gmail account. Not only gmail account, it includes other gmail services also like blogger, orkut etc.


Currently when you want to login to any of your Google accounts you will have to use just a username And password and if someone hack your password then your account can be blocked. If you use this feature means, you can directly login to your account you will have to provide username, password And additionally a verification code sent to your phone. If any person know your password, Cannot open ur account they will also need the verification code every time they want to get access to ur account !!! Like this you can save your gmail account and provide secure. 


Log in to your gmail account and click 'settings'. Then click 'Account and Import' tab. Now click 'Other google account settings'. Now click 'using 2 step verification'. Now click the button 'setup 2 step verification'.

Choose the 'mobile' (Its better) from the drop down menu. Now choose the country and enter your Mobile No. Now choose sms text message or automated voice message. In text message you will receive code via sms. In automated voice message, you will get a call and they will say the code. After received the code, enter it and complete the verification.

Now click next, now you will see backup verification code. Note this code into your system. This is very very important. When you unable to receive the code or stolen by your cell means at that time you can use this code. Every code works only one time. So note this and accept by clicking the check box, then click 'next' button.

Now you need to enter one more mobile no. Its like an 'Recovery email address'. Once you missed or switched off the primary cell, you can receive the code using this mobile/ mobile no. So use here, your family member phone number. You can verify as your wish.

Finally click 'Turn on - 2 step verification'. You can Turn off this 2 step verification at any time. This is wonderful feature. Every one will make use of it. Sometimes if  code take more time receive means, you can get the code via phone by click 'automated voice message'. You can save the code in your browser for 30 days.  


Log in to your gmail account and click 'settings'. Then click 'Account and Import' tab. Now click 'Other google account settings'. Now click 'using 2 step verification'. Now click the button ' Turn off  2 step verification'.

While doing this process, you will get 10 default code. You can use each code single time when unable to get the code from both mobile phones. So kindly keep the number very safely and memory at least one number ( helpful at some situation ). This tip surely helpful to who have blog and who use more google service. Some members still  login to all google services using same password. Those members are kindly use this service and save all your google service. Value of Two step verification know who recovered gmail account from  hackers or lost password.