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Nowadays Facebook is unavoidable to everyone. Today we will see useful addons for Facebook. Most of the members spends in Facebook unlimited time! Now we can easily find the timeout , you spent on Facebook. Add ons helps you !


Time Spend on Facebook is chrome addon helps to find out the time you spent on Facebook. Its very funny! Its appear next to home button. Its start to count when you works with Facebook account. Consider you are logged out from Facebook. After few hours , you are login to Facebook again. Now its start to count from already you spent time on Facebook! Its free to use ! Don't miss to try! Have Fun!


Sometimes pictures in Facebook is not visible properly! Especially Profile pictures. One addon will helps you to zoom pictures in Facebook. Its zoom the picture to its original size when you over your mouse cursor on picture. Its more convenient to use. This add on works for any website not only for Facebook! Its free to use!

Hover zoom add on helps you. Already we discussed about Hover zoom add on! Sometimes, if you over your mouse cursor in image links, its shows the image. Its more convenient to use when compare to other Facebook zoom add on. Its support only Chrome browser.

One more important info i like to share with you!  Remember already i told, Google services will not work in lower version browser. 

Few days back, i try to install addons in chrome browser. When i click 'Add to Chrome', there is no effect from chrome browser from few days. It didn't accept to  install the addon. I confused myself.  After few days,  i checked the version of chrome browser. Version is 15. At that time Version 16 is latest release from Google. Then i found the reason, I updated my browser to version 16. Again i tried to install that same add on. Now chrome browser accepted to install. So, in lower browser version we can't able to install the addon. Before install these addons, update your chrome browser.