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Now we will see some very useful tricks and tips to gain space in Gmail. Gmail allows only 7GB for space. You can able to see how much of amount space we used at the bottom. Gmail allows freely 7609 mb to use. You can see, how much of amount you used in percentage format. 

Most of the members , like who are using the gmail from initially, that is who are using gmail account from gmail service started, may chance to use gmail space near to 7GB else hereafter we also surely meet this condition. When you use space near to 7GB in gmail, you will get the message from gmail like this ‘YOU HAVE RUN OUT OF SPACE FOR YOUR GAMIL ACCOUNT. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEND OR RECEIVE ANY EMAILS UNTIL YOU DELETE SOME ITEMS’.

 To avoid this problem, below provided some useful tips to clean unwanted mails. Else you need to purchase the space if you need it. Our gmail have some default system folder. We need to delete the unwanted mail properly to gain space present in these default folder. Let discuss that folder. Generally we refer 'Label' as folder in gmail. Below some info may chance to know you already but sure some info new to you. These  are basics, you must know to understand upcoming concept.

INBOX:  Delete the unwanted mails in inbox and Keep the mails which you need in folder. In Gmail, we call 'Label' as 'Folder'. Filter your account daily who have net connection else filter your account at least one time at every week by deleting unwanted mails in your inbox.

SPAM: Sometimes, Chance to get our good (HAM) mails in our spam box. So check your spam box and move to our inbox if any trusted email or good mail present at spam box. Then delete your all spam mails. If you see any good mail in spam folder means, open the mail and click 'not spam' button. Hereafter you will receive the mail from that address into your inbox.

SENT MAIL: Don't delete any mail in this folder. This is very important. We need some time urgently. So no need to delete any mail. Gmail automatically delete the mail in 'sent mail' folder which are staying 30 days.

TRASH: This folder also very important. Don't delete any mail from this folder. We need some time urgently. Emails that have been in Trash more than 30 days will be automatically deleted by gmail.

Chat also take little amount space. So Before you log out, check it and delete the chat history if you feel it will not be useful to you. Sometime while chat we will get link from friends. Like that keep that chat safely.

This folder also helpful to ours some critical solution. So Don't delete any file in this folder. Mails which stay 30 days automatically delete by gmail.

ATTACHMENT MAILS : Mails which have with attachment kindly download all files and take backup in your pc. Now delete the mails with attachment which you not use for often. It also give more space.   

Due to length of the post i stop here. We will see one more important tip, that is delete the unwanted email in bulk. Here we never use any extension or website or any third party program. We will do the step our-self. But it is very very important tip. To understand that concept, you must have good knowledge in filter. Already we saw about filter in gmail. So read it and understand well. It more helpful to understand the tip in next part. So now work with today post process and filter. Ask your doubt freely.