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Due to technology development, every one started to using internet. Internet Center also growing lot of cities. Nowadays, most of the center not maintenance properly except few centers. Maintenance means, they didn't update the browsers ( not only this, sure didn't maintenance anything ) If we browse in old / low version, we can simply loss our password, account no and more.

Once upon a time, i lost my password successfully  with help of  browsing center. After one week, i recovered my account. So its made me to make this post!

  • Always use Private Browsing in browse center, it will not save your password, username, pages you had visited. To know more about private browsing click here
  • When you type password, account number , banking process, reservation or any other important security details, Type using On Screen Board. Don't use keyboard. On Screen Board is more secure than Keyboard from Key loggers. 
  • To get On Screen Keyboard, Go to Run, Type "OSK" and Press Enter.
  • Avoid completely browsing in old version. Using new technology hackers can easily stole your password. New version of browser gives more security than old one.
  • In some situation we can able to browse old version. At that time, don't forgot to clear the history page , cookies etc. Hackers can easily find the password, account no etc using cookies also.  
  • Use Portable Application. You can install latest browsers on your pen drive using portable apps. By this, you can always browse with more secure. Visit Portable App website to download.
  • Don's save passwords when browser offer a save to password on browsers!
  • Clear the cookies when you leave from browsing center.

Friends! Remember these tips before you browse in browsing center. Not only in browsing center, if you browse any other place , open network like  Wifi , friends home and public places except your personal pc / home. Do you have any better idea than above? Send it to me using Contact me form or Here you idea will update with your name.