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Now we will see one important and useful post. Everyone know Registry is very very important to Windows Os. Its an Heart of the Os.  We need to take more care when handling the Registry. Even if we make single mistake in registry, it provides big problem and it leads to change the os. Due to this most of the members not access the registry. But we  need to take maintenance in registry to speed our system. Only well know person are access the registry. Access the registry is very difficult to Beginners. Some times beginners are make problem by accessing the registry. Any person may chance to disable to os by accessing the registry. We need to take care on registry otherwise it will make problem to ours. 

To solve this problem, we can disable the registry and save our Os from other members or hackers. Some Maintenance we must take in Registry to speed our pc. Get the details from below link. 

CLEAR THE REGISTRY: We need to remove the unwanted values present in registry to speed our Pc. CLICK HERE to get the details to clean our registry using software.

DEFRAGMENTATION IN REGISTRY: We need to defrag the registry to speed our Pc. CLICK HERE to get the details to Defrag our registry using software.

We have two options to protect our registry. One is disable it from users and run it background. Next one is 'Back up'.  To make Registry Back Up, tune up utility software also helpful  to you.  Already i explained about the software 'Tune Up Utility'. Using this software you can take Registry Back Up function called ' Registry Editor' in Tune Up Software.  

Let see how to disable the registry in Windows Xp. Click Start and then click Run. Enter 'gpedit.msc' and press ok. ( gpedit means Group Policy Editor ) Now navigate to  User Configuration -> Administrative Templates . Now click the 'System' folder and you will the the lot of options in Right hand side panel.  In that panel, double click on 'Prevent access the registry editing tools'. ( To Help See the Picture Step 1 ). 


Now one dialog box will be open.  In that dialog box, choose the option 'Enabled' in setting tab and click Ok button. ( To help see the picture Step 2 ) Now you successfully locked the registry.  To release from Lock Carefully choose  the option 'Not Configured'. Like this you can save Registry and Os from Others.