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Now we will see one of the Best software to maintain our pc perfectly. After installed new os, its works very speed. After few days it start to work very slow. Because we did not take any maintenance on software side. Tune Up Utility is one of the best optimization software to our pc. It give more utilities to our pc. This  software is Pro. This is one of the wonderful software to maintain our pc.  Now we see  main features of this software.

After installed this software, check the system automatically and finds problem & give solution to problems. 1 click maintenance is a feature solves the basic problems in single click. If you meet any problem (Very Very rare to happen ) based on this software means, you can restore it.
  • It maintain the system by optimizing the system start up and shut down, clear the errors in registry, clean the shortcut which are broken, Defrag the registry and defrag the hard disk with more powerful. 
  • It increase the system performance by installing and uninstalling the software (More option and easy interface), you can manage the system start up with on & off (Easy interface). 
  • You can fix the problems like hard disk check (removes the bad sector and give long life to your hard disk), 
  • You can restore the deleted files, you can fix the common problems appear in windows (This option have more common problems, so easy to solve your problem like shortcut arrow miss, icons wrongly display and much more). 
  • It have the feature , delete the files permanently so, you unable to recover once deleted using this option. 
  • You can browse the registry. Its show the system information by category. So easy to understand.
Tune up utility provide  more utility  , you can customize the windows as your wish. You can change the boot screen, log on screen,  visual style, start menu, task bar, animation and effects, change window appearance and you can change the windows settings. Here you can change the windows as your wish using this option. Here I left some features,  Try this software and give wonderful life to your os.

Already I explained how to change the log on and boot screen. At that time I told simply explained about this software. This is one of the best optimizing software. I too using this software. Tune up Utility 2010 is available in free  for limited time. Already email subscriber got info how to receive serial key from Tune up Organization and enjoyed. Remember Email alert subscriber will get more benefit. Now we will see how to get this Pro software in free.  Tune Up company provide the software free for limited time. Below i provided the link click it. Submit the inform and check your mail to Software Download Link and Serial Key. Remember , If link is not appear or any problem mean, offer is end. So get your software soon.

LINK: Get Tune Up 2010 Software and Serial Key