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Hi... Already we saw 3 important methods to increase speed of our system. Today we see important method to speed your system.

Day by day we install and uninstall lot of software. While installing that 'SOME IMPORTANT VALUES' are will store in Registry (Registry is heart of the OS). While uninstall that software there is no guaranty 'VALUES BASED ON THAT SOFTWARE' will remove 100%. Some values are stayed permanently. Like this Lot of values store in Registry. Due to this system get slow. You will feel after some days from Installing OS. We need to remove that unwanted values.
Already we saw how to remove that unwanted values.

After removing, now that places get emply. Due to this also system get slow. So we need to defragment. Already we saw how to defragment and why to do that defragment in hard disk?. So we must Defragment the Registry. Download this Registry Program and defragment your system registry. Do this defragment every month. Now you will see your system get speed.We must do this maintenance every month. Here i Provided registry defragment gallery link. Mostly Trial ware. You can get lot of free registry defragment tools in Google search. Get it and use it.

Tune Up Utility, Advance System Care, Registry Booster etc software are used to defrag the registry.

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