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Dear Friends...I give some tips to maintain a computer system. You must to do this every month. This maintain tips based on software side. It will increase your system speed. If you know why we need to do this, surely you will do it every month. Now we will see it deeply.

- Day to day we install lot of software and uninstall it. While installing a software , some values are written in Registry which is present in system. By installing the software every time it write some values in registry.
Registry is main part of OS it is hidden in system. If we change single value in registry wrongly, system will not work. This is one of the reason why windows hidden the registry. If we uninstall the software, OS removes values based on that software in registry. Here no guaranty, OS removes that values 100% from registry. Surely it left some values in registry based on that software. If we uninstall lot of software, lot values are store in registry. So system goes to very slow. That is the reason why system goes to work slowly. So you must remove these values from registry. How to remove? To remove the unwanted values stores in registry lot of software available in net. For example C CLEANER is best. One more software called ADVANCED SYSTEM CARE ( FREE & TRIAL VERSION) is also used remove the unwanted values present in registry. It have lot of functions. Remember don't modify the registry yourself. Any Doubt please use feedback form below.