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MyProfiles (Profile Manager) - One More Smart Tool In Android

My Profiles ( Profile Manager ) is an excellent profile managing app for android. You can create various profiles such as Silent,Vibrate,Sleeping,Driving,Battery Save etc. According to the profile, your mobile settings will be change in single tap.


This app provide some extraordinary features, based on location your mobile will automatically change the profiles. For example, you have two profiles as described below settings.

Office Profile: Vibrate mode on, sound mode off

Home: Vibrate mode off, sound mode on

When you  reach your office, mobile will change automatically to the profile "office". When you reach your home, mobile will change automatically to the profile "home". Similarly we can create various profiles according to your situation. 

There are various profile app available in play store. But "My profiles" is an best by considering the features and ease of use. It requires android version 2.0.1. Please remember, in  pro version , you can create more profiles and more features. Get My Profiles app here.