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Today we learn how to change android phone font, especially to comic sans font without rooting. Changing android phone font is not easy except few devices. There is no option to change font style most of the devices. But everyone likes to change the font style, but we need to root. Rooting may damage the phone. So most of the users avoid changing the font. Next, most of the people like to change the font style in comic sans, but this option is not available in devices which support to change the font style.

To solve above problem, i tried various method and provided best method below. Lets start...What you need?

First install Es file explorer and Go launcher app from play store. Its free. Then download comic sans font ttf file ( Click above app and font name to go download page ) and place the font in sdcard following location using es file explorer application.

Steps to placing Comic sans font in sd card
  • Open Es file explorer application ( Es file explorer is best app to browse sdcard in android phone)
  • Go to sdcard.
  • Then open the folder GoLauncher Ex
  • Now open font folder
  • Paste the comic sans font

Steps to change the font style:
  • Open Go launcher and set default if it asks
  • Open Go launcher settings
  • Tap on personalization
  • Tap on font
  • Tap on select font
  • Tap on scan font
  • Now list of various font installed in your phone is display
  • Select comic sans font and exit
Now your phone font is changed to comic sans font. Similarly you can download various fonts which you like and place in sd card and change it using go launcher. This is the best method to change font without rooting when the mobile not provide the option to change the font.