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Today post may shock you or you can become as smart hacker! This post helps you to keep your android mobile from "extreme hacker"

Nowadays everyone installed security app like Smart app protector to lock the app for unauthorized access from other persons.  99% people use the security app to lock only "Applications"  and not like to lock "Settings".Because we need to access "settings" more time daily.  If you not lock the "settings", hacker can easily disable the security lock and easily access the "locked applications".

How hacker disable security app using setting?

Once you give the mobile to person, they can disable the security app by travelling Setting - Security app - Force close. Once they tapped "force close" button, now the security app is disabled and now they can access any locked app.

How to prevent ?

One better way is to lock "settings". Please note, if you use smart app protector app ( My favourite security app ) install "helper" for smart app lock. Now you no need to lock settings.

Hope this post gives more security to your mobile apps or you can become smart hacker. Enjoy!