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Now we see  one wonderful software to lock the folder. Generally we have some important files. We like to save these files by delete or modify from other members. So we like to hide it. Hide option provide by windows is sure not secure.  There are lot of software available in net to lock the folder. I tried lot of  folder lock software. My lock box software is better and wonderful software to lock the folder. This is one of my favorite software.  This is freeware. Sure it beats all other Pro folder lock  software.

This software is available in two types. Freeware and Pro. In  free edition you can able to lock only one folder. In pro edition you can lock unlimited folders. But we get all features in free edition except lock more than one folder.

You can lock the folder with password.  So you can provide Excellent security to your files. You can think, if any one break that lock by uninstalling that software means? Its not possible.  Because , before uninstalling it ask password. So only able to uninstall that software only who know that password. So you can use this software to save your files from others.

One more good  info, it provided wonderful skin. Especially 'WMP' skin give superb look. ( See the picture below )  I recommend you, set this skin after installed this software.   Below i provided some highlights of this software to your view. I skipped lot of options to describe. See the below picture.

  • 15 + cute skins
  • Sounds will play when you lock and unlock. Custom sound options , notifications also there.
  • If you forget to lock the folder after unlocked, it will automatically locks the folder in particular time. You can set the time to lock the folder automatically.
  • You can access via shortcut keys
  • After you made any changes in settings, don't forgot to click 'save' button in every tab. (This is very important)
  • You can hide the installation of this software in start menu.(More security)
  • Good customer service and have more options.
  • Requires low space and small size exe files
  • Easy to lock and unlock
  • You will get all features in free ware except to lock unlimited folder.


I like to say everyone must have this software and recommended  to windows os. This software is better and wonderful security to save our files. Get now MY LOCK BOX software free edition.