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Already we saw Two step verification in google services to give more secure. Like that we can give our face book account also. In email service, gmail is top. Like that, in social network, face book is top. It also provide two step verification to give more security to our face book account. Who feel to give more secure to face book account, kindly follow these simple steps. It is more easier than google. 


Currently when you want to login to face book account you will have to use just a username And password and if someone hack your password then your account can be blocked. If you use this feature means, you can directly login to your account you will have to provide username, password And additionally a verification code sent to your phone. If any person know your password, Cannot open ur account they will also need the verification code every time they want to get access to ur account !!! Like this you can save your face book account and provide more  secure against hackers. 

To enable 2-step authentication feature for your Facebook account, login to face book. Then  go to:

Account -> Account Settings -> Settings -Account Security

Now, check “Require me to enter a security code sent to my phone” present under Login Approvals. Read the message displays in dialog box properly about log in approval. In face book, we will say 'Face book login approval' instead of two step verification. Enter your mobile number, if you  not yet registered. Facebook will send you a text message containing the Authentication code. Enter this code on the next screen and your computer will be registered. You have successfully enabled Login Approvals feature for your Facebook account and you are now more secure. 

Depending on your configuration, face book ask your computer name etc. It will helpful to login face book account if you lost mobile . This tip will more helpful to all, especially who have new face book accout by lost their old face book account. New face book account never equal to Old face book account. So kindly make use of this two step verification.

Remember, Gmail provide more options to recover gmail account like 10 unique code, recovery phone. But Face book provide only one option. So keep the phone carefully.  If you lost the mobile, you can access your account from a saved device. I searched in face book, Turn off settings is not available. So careful before you activate this feature. This option is not available to my friend account. You can give more secure to your account if you get this feature.