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Now we will see one more shocking incident happened based on Pani Puri. Already we saw one hideous pani puri incident happened in Mumbai. When i hear that info, this part incident also flashed on my mind. This is very shocking info, pani puri eaters kindly avoid this post if you don't like. After you read this,  sure you will take care in street pani puri shops. As i told early kindly use 'Parcel Service' in pani puri shop. 

In Ahmedabad, 10 yrs old boy had eaten "panipuri" about 15 days ago and fell sick, later when he had his health check done doctors diagnosed that he had AIDS. His parents couldn't believe it...? Then the entire family under went a checkup none of them was suffering from that. The doctors checked with the boy if he had eaten out? And the boy says he had panipuri one evening. The hospital team went there to check. They found the panipuri seller had a cut on his finger while cutting the onions, and his blood had spread in the food. When they had his blood checked... the guy was suffering from AIDS but he himself was not aware. Please take care while you eat from road side panipuri vendors. This is not an latest incident. It happen few years back.