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Friends... Today (May 20, 2011) Pirates of the Caribbean - Part 4 is released worldwide. Don't miss to watch 'Jack Sparrow' fun and ready to visit unforgettable journey in amazing island.  Don't miss to watch previous part also. Ok, lets come to the today post. This post is surely very HIDEOUS. I request you,  kindly avoid this post if you not like hideous incident . But every (person) Street Pani Puri Eaters must read this and be careful. This is the latest incident happened in Mumbai and every Pani Puri Eaters shocked.


Pani puri vendor is pass his urine in a small utensil and then used that utensil to make pani puri item to serve the customer. Shocked? You will get more shock after you read the reason 'why he did like that?'. 

A 19-year-old student, was shocked when she first spotted vendor urinating into his 'lota'. "His stall is right below our building. Though there were rumors of him being quite gross, his stall was always flooded with customers," she said. "Since I had nothing to do after my exams, I started keeping an eye on him.

Every day, he'd pee into the utensil and then use the same to pour tangy water into the ragda or stir the paani puri mix. Some customers even used that lota to drink water once they had finished eating. "When she told her family members and neighbors  however, they refused to believe her. When residents in the area saw the video she had recorded, they first beat up Vendor  before taking him to the police station.

"Residents of  Colony came up with a video clip that showed vendor urinating in one of his utensils. We arrested him on Monday night and he confessed. His excuse was that he had nowhere else to pee as there was no urinal around," Police Inspector  said, adding that vendor said he felt uncomfortable peeing on the streets as  Colony was a clean, residential area.

In you tube, you will get that live video. (Don't watch this video if you love pani poori or related item).Regular Customer of that pani poori shop are shocked and don't know what to do. Why i post this news means, at least here after every one take care in pani poori shop. Due to some pani poori vendors, other vendors also affect. Share this info with your friends whom you like to take care. I request you, nowadays most of the pani puri shop, parcel facility is available. So kindly make use of it.