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Already we saw some important pc tips in Part 1. Now we continue some other important tips.
  • If you purchase new pc or any item related to pc like Keyboard, speaker, printer or mouse etc, you will see the 'bar code sticker'. This is very important. Don't tear this from material. It includes the details of warranty period, price item and much more details. It will helpful to some critical situation. Most of the members teared it without know the value of bar code sticker.
  • Don't place more icons on desktop and keep the Os drive 50% freely ( mostly 'c' drive).
  • Don't put / use the cell phone near pc. Rays will affect your pc.
  • CD cleaner is available in computer shop. Use this cd and clean the lens in cd/dvd drive. Generally, very difficult to remove the dust present in cd/dvd drive. CD cleaner is better solution
  • Update the Hardware & Software properly.
  • Don't install Two antivirus software in pc. It affect our system due to conflict  and not work properly. System works very slow. ( We will see later why don't do this and interesting news in antivirus )
  • Remove the dust appear in below the mouse.
  • Use mouse pad to your mouse. Remove the dust under mouse even if you use mouse pad.
  • Use Ups. It will provide proper current to every device in cpu. So device life will increase.
  • Careful when plug the wires while clean. If any pin get damage while clean, then not work properly.
  • Clean the system properly.
  • Remove the pen drive, memory card from usb drive properly ( Safely remove hardware ) and shutdown the pc properly.
  • Use screen guard to your monitor and protect your eyes.
  • Avoid using water, oils, liquid and food items near pc
  • Put cover to your keyboard.
  • Have printer? Cover it properly.
  • Mostly printers are need the more interval after a took 'n' number of copies. We will not take the print continuously in printer. Find the 'n' value in user manual to give interval.
  • Don't allow the children.
Some tips are very basic and some tips are very very important provided above. I feel surely will helpful to you. Follow these tips and give more life to your pc electronic parts.