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Most of the members use desktop pc. These tips will surely helpful to your pc and give long life. Due to electronic item we must take care in our pc. Sometime we will  work with our pc very careless. Avoid it. If we not solve the small problem at initially, it will give big problem in future due to our careless. Follow the simple tips and give long life to your pc.
  • Don't put the cover in cpu and monitor while working. If you like to put the cover over a system, put it after half an hour after you shutdown the pc . We must give the chance to our pc to emits the heat.
  • Most of the members do this wrong, Don't watch the movies by putting cd/dvd in cd/dvd tray. Copy and paste into system. Then watch it.  Now your cd/dvd tray will get long life. Otherwise cd/dvd tray continuously rotate and loss its life.
  • Avoid If you use the 'pin' to come out the cd/dvd tray. If you do this often, it will provide big problem. So solve it soon and use this method only on critical situation. 
  • Don't Format  the hard disk and pen drive often. Format only at rare condition. Life will increase.  
  • Completely avoid Defrag the  Pen drive. Hard disk and Pen drive both are read and write the files using different mechanism. Due to this mechanism pen drive no need defrag, hard disk need the defrag. If we do the defrag in pen drive it affect only the pen drive. So pen drive will lose its life soon if you defrag it. 
  • While Burning data's in cd/dvd using burning software, completely avoid working with other software in pc. Don't run any other program in background also. Before you burn, stop the all working software and then begin the burn. Because, while burning the data in cd/dvd, it requires more ram memory. If you work with other software means, it also use the memory. So due to low memory 'Burning software' displays the error message 'run time error' or any message. If any error displays while burn, cd or dvd  will completely damage or not work.
  • Keep your system always in cool. If you place your pc, in AC  room means, it absorbs the heat emits by system and give long life to your pc. So keep the system in ac as much possible to you.
We will continue  some more important basic tips to improve system life in next part.