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While searching in SEARCH ENGINE, it gives lot of links. In that link we dont know which is good link and which is bad link for example whether that link safe or not, We can think Web link is more secure or not, etc. To find this one add-on is available in Firefox. If you install this add-on, while search in Google or any other search engine, it display the RING near to that link. If that link is green color means it does not contain virus, porn etc. If it glow in orange means link is moderate. If that link is glow in red means, it not an secure. Surely this add-on will help you. You can rate the website. If you wrongly entered into bad links mean it will warning you. Ring will glow not only in SEARCH ENGINE, In your web browser, if web page contain any link means it glow based on Pre defined Rating. Search in Google to get latest update.