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Nowadays most of the members use an documents in PDF ( Portable Document File ) file format. Its have an lot of advantage. Why people use an PDF format?


Consider your document contains the message in Tamil or any other language . If you open any Tamil file it display the Tamil letters properly when the system have an Tamil fonts. Otherwise it does not display the Tamil letters properly. So your document contain box or lot of symbols. To avoid this PDF format is use.

Consider, you are open a Tamil file in your system without installing Tamil fonts, now that documents contain only box or lot of symbols. To see the Tamil file you need to install that type of Tamil font.

If you converted that file in PDF format, you can open that Tamil file and read properly. So no need to install that font in your system. To avoid this PDF is use. Remember, its not possible to edit any PDF file. This is the reason company's or press or office provide the books in PDF format.

Adobe Reader software is used to read the PDF file. It's freeware. In Microsoft - word 2007 you can convert the word document to PDF format. But you need to install the add on. Get this add on in net by searching ' PDF add on for word 2007' in Google search. You can get lot of links.In Microsoft word 2010, you no need to install this add on. This add on is default in Ms office word 2010.