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Mozilla got 1st place in browser because it provide lot of functions. Due to open source day by day it get lot of functions. It also freeware.

What is add-on? Due to open source lot of programmer create application and provide in net as user need. You can get additional function which is not provide in Firefox default.Technically we say add on is a software extension that adds extra features to a program.

In label choose add-on and see some important add-on. Search the add-on name in Google search which i provide and you will get that add-on links. Once again i like to told you search in Google "add-on name with 'for fire fox' ". Add the sentence 'for Firefox' while searching the add-on in Google.

Dont mistake me by told search in Google. why i am told search in Google means you can get latest version. If i provide download link here you may have chance to get old version. That is why i told search in Google. you need to restart the Firefox browser after installed an add-on.

Update the add-on every week. To update Click Tools in menu bar. Then choose Add-on. Click Find update button. And also update your Firefox every week. Because you can get security update to Firefox. OK now we see about ad-block plus  add -on. 


This is the add-on for block the unwanted ad's in net. while surfing in net some ad's will come automatically and disturbing our browsing. These ad's are irritating. while browsing So may chance to redirect to other links or it will redirect to other links automatically. To avoid, this add-on is used. So we can browse without disturbing the ad's. Speed of the browsing will also increase.

Friends... above link Mozilla Firefox add on gallery. Here you can get lot of add-on on different types of functions. You can also get help in that link.