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Now i give the trick to hide the HARD DISK. Do this trick in xp. No need to install any software to do this. Do this trick carefully... You can easily hide the folder or any other file. But in Hard disk? You can hide the hard disk C or D or E or F or your wish. You can easily save the files from others. OK now we see how to hide it.


Consider, I divided my hard disk in to 4 parts called C , D, E and F. 1) Go to Run 2) Type cmd , now press ENTER. 3) Then type DISKPART ( Note: Type the word without space between disk and part ) 4) Now type LIST VOLUME ( Note: Type the word with space between list and volume)

Now you can able to see the hard disk name like c / d / e / f in the 2 ND column called Ltr You can able to see the volume 1/2/3/4 in the 1 st column called volume ###

Listen, here

volume 1 is assigned to letter C ( Volume 1 is Hard disk C )

volume 2 is assigned to letter D ( Volume 2 is Hard disk D )

volume 3 is assigned to letter E ( Volume 3 is Hard disk E )
volume 4 is assigned to letter F . ( Volume 4 is Hard disk F )
And also you can able to see file system, status etc.

If you like to hide the volume 3, Type remove letter e. Now you get successful message and hard disk is hidden. Note, In command remove is used to hide. ' letter' is indicate the which part i need to hide. Here i like to hide volume 3. Volume 3 is assigned to letter e. So i gave the letter e. If you like to hide the volume 1, just give ' remove letter c'. Because here volume 1 is assigned to letter c.


Now again go to run, type cmd and press enter. Now type DISKPART, Then type LIST VOLUME, now type SELECT VOLUME 3, because we hidden the volume 3, so i here choose volume 3. Finally type ASSIGN LETTER e , Now you can able to see that hard disk in your computer. I provided commands in yellow color.

Dear friends... Read this post slowly and do it step by step . Its very easy step to hide the harddisk. If you do this one time and then you can able to understand easily.


Generally we like to hide the folder which contain important personal files. We can protect by providing the password to folder. We can hide the folder from 'folder options'. Now a days surely its not secure. Use this way and hide the folder and provide more secure. To do this you need to know some basics in DOS. First select the folder in command prompt which you like to hide.

Ok now see how to select the folder in command. I like to hide the folder called 'bbb' folder in 'D' Drive. Click Start, and then select Run, Type 'cmd' and press enter button. Now you see black screen with blinking underscore. Now Type 'CD\' and press enter. Now you are in 'C' drive. Now I need to go 'D' drive. So type the command 'D:' Now you are entered in to 'D' drive. 'bbb' folder is present in inside the drive 'D'.
Now we see how to hide the 'bbb' folder. Type the command 'attrib +h +s +r bbb'. Here 'bbb' is folder name. ( This is original command ---> attrib +h +s +r Folder name or File name ). Now go and see Drive 'D'. Folder is hidden. Now we see how to unhide the 'bbb' folder. Type the command 'attrib -h -s -r bbb'. Now go and see Drive 'D'. Folder is visible to you.

Now you like to hide the folder called 'eee' which present in inside of the other folder means, for example D:\bbb\eee. Here you like to hide 'eee' folder means? Here you need to enter into 'bbb' folder using command prompt. To enter , Click Start, and then select Run, Type 'cmd' and press enter button. Now you see black screen with blinking underscore. Now Type 'CD\' and press enter. Now you are in 'C' drive. Now you need to go 'D' drive. So type the command 'D:' Now you are entered in to 'D' drive. Again you need to enter 'bbb' folder. So Just type the command 'CD bbb'. Like wise you can enter into any folder and hide any file or folder. To Come again 'D' drive just type 'D:'.


Hi... Today i like to share about best Video and Audio Player. We know all this player, anyway i like to say. VLC player is best to play for audio and video. It starts quickly and support lot of File formats. It support most of the file format. You can get lot of skin in google search.I think no need to explain about this because already you know.

Next player is.... KM PLAYER.... Friends... This is superb player. It support lot of file formats. I wondered after i saw its supporting file format. You no need to install any other player after install this KM Player. It have an different icons to MP3, MP4, MPEG etc. It have amazing features. I wondered , Because it supports lot of file formats. Surely you also like it. Its interface is super. You can cut and join the video and audio. It have an Winamp plugin also. You can see all functions in main menu. Its free ware.

While installing choose 'FULL'.
Simply i define it as my thought in supporting File format is... Winamp + Vlc + Windows media player + Real player + etc = KM PLAYER. I suggest you Install this two software in your computer and use VLC media player in default. Use KM player only when File format is not supported by VLC.


Hi... Now i tell how to provide double protection to our system using password system. You can see in most of the computers, while starting the system it ask password after providing correct password then only we can able to continue. Most of members know how to create a password while logging. Here i give the password tricks setup , it turn into ask the password DOUBLE TIMES while logging the system. So its provide More security. Remember If you forget this password unable to do. So remember the password. Most of the members know the first method. Second method is not known by most of the members.



Most of the members know this method. Its the method how to create the password while logging. Do this method step by step. Click Start, then click control panel, click user account, Now open your account. In a list click CREATE A PASSWORD. Type your password in first box. Again type the same password in second box. If both password is match then system accept. You need to type the same password in both box. Third box is option, give hint if you like. Finally click create password. Now restart the system, while logging it ask password. If you provide correct password, then system is enter into desktop.


Click START, Choose RUN, Type SYSKEY, Now one box is open. Click the UPDATE button. Select PASSWORD STARTUP and enter you password in first box and second box. Type you password in both box. Then click OK. Now Restart your system. While logging it ask the password based on 2ND method after providing correct password, again they ask the password based on 1ST method. Now your system get DOUBLE protection using password method.



Click Start, then click control panel, click user account, Now open your account. Click Remove password. Type your current password. Finally click Remove password.


Click START, Choose RUN, Type SYSKEY, Now one box is open. Click the UPDATE button. Select SYSTEM GENERATED PASSWORD . Here ensure STORE STARTUP KEY LOCALLY is selected. Click OK button. Now they ask password, provide the password correctly and click OK button.


Today we will one wonderful software. Using this software you can give attractive look to your desktop. would you like to design your desktop? Are you interested giving new look to your system? Install FENCES software and see its amazing work. You can design the desktop icons. For example, in your desktop contain lot browser icons like Firefox, chrome, opera etc. You can group this icon in the name of Browser or as your interested name. You can separate the utility software also. To understand see the picture provided below.

This Is a program that helps you organize your desktop and can hide your icons when they are not in use. This software really interested to who are like new desktop. This software is freeware. You can upgrade by paying. You can enjoy lot of functions in basics. Install it and enjoy. Before installing fences download the supporting file ''DOTNETFX ". You need to install dotnetfx file to complete the installation of fences. So first install the dotnetfx and then run fences setup file. You can able to enjoy the fences after use this software. with your friends.



Today i published the post wonderful website to download the software. Visit this website you can get lot of important software with latest version and also old version. If you are new to Internet you can get important software and basic software which we must know important software. You can get here old version also. Here they provide latest update software list and popular software. In this site classified the software in a list. It list the software as preference. Here they classified as Browser. firewall. audio and video, Desktop tools etc. Here you can easily download the software. Don't miss this website. CLICK HERE TO VISIT If you subscribed in this website means you will get latest update software details in your mail inbox. Every one kindly make use of it. 


Hi friends... I like to post in a topic called Website. So i created one more label called website. You can enjoy the website which i enjoyed. Here i like to share important website/enjoyable etc website. Share with me the website which you enjoyed.
Superb Apps website...
I wondered after visited to this website. This site contain lot of information with various topics. For example Quantitative apps, Logical, verbal, programming, puzzle, GD, online test, general knowledge, placement papers,hr interview etc.
In quantitative apps, puzzle etc they explained the answer step by step. This is the reason why i had wondered. You can comment in that question, you can ask the question if you have any doubts, you can provide the answer for questions. They provide work book also to solve.
This website surly useful to who like to develop their knowledge, especially Engineering students, Final year students, who are going to competitive exam. Dont miss this website and share with your friends.


Mozilla got 1st place in browser because it provide lot of functions. Due to open source day by day it get lot of functions. It also freeware.

What is add-on? Due to open source lot of programmer create application and provide in net as user need. You can get additional function which is not provide in Firefox default.Technically we say add on is a software extension that adds extra features to a program.

In label choose add-on and see some important add-on. Search the add-on name in Google search which i provide and you will get that add-on links. Once again i like to told you search in Google "add-on name with 'for fire fox' ". Add the sentence 'for Firefox' while searching the add-on in Google.

Dont mistake me by told search in Google. why i am told search in Google means you can get latest version. If i provide download link here you may have chance to get old version. That is why i told search in Google. you need to restart the Firefox browser after installed an add-on.

Update the add-on every week. To update Click Tools in menu bar. Then choose Add-on. Click Find update button. And also update your Firefox every week. Because you can get security update to Firefox. OK now we see about ad-block plus  add -on. 


This is the add-on for block the unwanted ad's in net. while surfing in net some ad's will come automatically and disturbing our browsing. These ad's are irritating. while browsing So may chance to redirect to other links or it will redirect to other links automatically. To avoid, this add-on is used. So we can browse without disturbing the ad's. Speed of the browsing will also increase.

Friends... above link Mozilla Firefox add on gallery. Here you can get lot of add-on on different types of functions. You can also get help in that link.


ஸ்காட்லாந்தில் கிளெர்க் ஒருவர் இருந்தார். ரொம்ப வசதியானவர் இல்லை. தன்னுடைய வாழ்நாளில் ஒரு தடவையாவது குடும்பத்துடன் அமெரிக்காவுக்குபோய்விட்டு வரவேண்டும் என்று ஆசை.

போகவேண்டுமென்றால் நிறைய பணம் வேண்டுமே. எனவே தினமும் தான்சம்பாதிப்பதில் கொஞ்சம் பணத்தை சேமிக்க ஆரம்பித்தார். சில வருடங்களில்கணிசமான பணம் சேர கிளெர்க் குடும்பத்தினர் குதுகலமாக அமெரிக்காசெல்வதற்கான ஏற்பாடுகளில் இறங்கினர். கப்பல் சாமானிய மக்களுக்கானவகுப்பில் டிக்கெட் பதிவு செய்யப்பட்டது கப்பல் புறப்படுவதுற்கு ஒரு வாரம்முன்பு எதிர்பாராத சம்பவம் நடந்தது. கிளேற்கின் மகனை தெருவில் ஒரு நாய்கடித்து விட்டது. தெரு நாய் கடித்தால் ராபிஸ் என்ற உயிர் கொள்ளும் நோய் வரவாய்ப்புண்டு என்பதால் உடனடியாக மருத்துவமனையில் அந்த பையனைசேர்த்தார்கள்.

மகனை நாய் கடித்த சோகம் ஒரு பக்கம் என்றால் அமெரிக்காபோக முடியாமல் போய்விட்ட சோகம் இன்னொரு பக்கம். எல்லாவற்றுக்குமான அந்த தெரு நாயை சபித்தார். குறிபிட்ட தினம் வந்தது. கப்பல் அமெரிக்கா புறப்பட்டு சென்றது . கப்பல் நடுக்கடல் பனி பாறையில் மோதி உடைந்தது . கப்பல் கடலில் மூழ்கிவிட்டது என்ற செய்தி வந்தது. கிளெர்க்குடும்பத்தினர் ஆண்டவனுக்கு மட்டுமின்றி தெரு நாய்க்கும் நன்றி கூறினார்கள்.

மூழ்கிய அந்த கப்பல் TITANIC.


  • அகர முதல எழுத்தெல்லாம் தகர சிள்ளய்டில் எழுதி பழகு
  • பிட் அடித்து வாழ்வாரே வாழ்வார் அக்டோபரில் ஆஜராவார்
  • பீடியால் சுட்ட புண் உள்ளாறும் ஆறாதே பிராந்தியால் வெந்த வயிறு
  • பெல்என்ப ஏனைய பிரேக் என்ப அவ்விரண்டும் கண் என்பநம் சைக்லுக்கே
  • போடுக தண்ணி போடுக போட்டபின் ஆடுக அதற்கு தக
  • கணினி யார் யார் வழி கர்கினம் சுயமாய் மென்பொருள் காண்பது அறிவு
  • கற்க கசடற கணினி கல்வி கற்ற பின் வேற்று நாடு செல்க அதற்கு தக
  • வரிகட்டி வாழ்வரே வாழ்வார் மற்றவரெல்லாம் ரைடு வந்து பீதி கொள்வர்
  • அவுட் கோஇங் காலியான போதும் சிறிது இன்கமிங் கேட்க படும்
  • முடிந்த வரை முயற்சிப்பது முயற்சி அல்ல முடியம்வரை முயற்சிப்பதேமுயற்ச்சி
  • கஷ்டம் வரும்வரை கடவுளைகண்டு கொள்ளாதவர்கள் கடவுளை நினைப்பர்கஷ்டம் வரும்போது
  • அடுத்தவர் துன்பங்கண்டு கண்கலங்காதவர் மனம் டிவி சீரியல் பார்த்து கலங்கும்
  • வட்டிக்கு பணம் வாங்கி வட்டி கட்டவிட்டால் வட்டி போட்டுவிடும் குட்டி
  • கால்விழுந்து ஓட்டுவாங்கும் அரசியல்வாதி தன்கால் விழவைப்பர் ஜெயத்தபிறகு
  • ஆயிரமாயிரமாய் சாமிக்கு செலவழிப்பர் எல்லாம் ஐயோபாவமென்று இரங்கார் ழை க்கு


Dear Friends...I give some tips to maintain a computer system. You must to do this every month. This maintain tips based on software side. It will increase your system speed. If you know why we need to do this, surely you will do it every month. Now we will see it deeply.

- Day to day we install lot of software and uninstall it. While installing a software , some values are written in Registry which is present in system. By installing the software every time it write some values in registry.
Registry is main part of OS it is hidden in system. If we change single value in registry wrongly, system will not work. This is one of the reason why windows hidden the registry. If we uninstall the software, OS removes values based on that software in registry. Here no guaranty, OS removes that values 100% from registry. Surely it left some values in registry based on that software. If we uninstall lot of software, lot values are store in registry. So system goes to very slow. That is the reason why system goes to work slowly. So you must remove these values from registry. How to remove? To remove the unwanted values stores in registry lot of software available in net. For example C CLEANER is best. One more software called ADVANCED SYSTEM CARE ( FREE & TRIAL VERSION) is also used remove the unwanted values present in registry. It have lot of functions. Remember don't modify the registry yourself. Any Doubt please use feedback form below.


Did you know about Picasa software? Picasa is designed to handle the images. Its freeware. Provided by google. Picasa is very super to handle the images. It provide lot of options.

You can crop the images, collapse, creating gift cd, album, share in internet etc. While opening the image, the way of opening image is nice. Opening the GIF image format is not display in animate. Picasa is best to handle the image. It scan the all image in system and show it separately as folder wise. You can add the name to every image, You can get particular image by searching. It designed only for handle the images. It contain lot function to handle the image. One more important function '
straighten'. Once you scanned the image you can straight that image using straighten. It have more  basic options to customize your picture. To manage pictures in windows os,  Picasa is better software to manage. Once you used , surely you will use this software continuously. 


Are you using windows xp service pack 2 ? Already we know windows provides the security update for windows xp service pack 2 on every month 2nd tuesday. Security update for windows xp service pack 2 is ended on july 13, 2010. What happen if you not install that update? Hackers , virus etc can easily enter into your system, But one good news, still security update for service pack 3 is available. So who are use an service pack 2 upgrade to service pack 3. Update the antivirus daily and scan the whole system for every 2 days. I dont know security update for service pack 3 end date. So who are surfing the net using service pack 2 is danger. So upgrade to service pack 3.


Nowadays most of the members use an documents in PDF ( Portable Document File ) file format. Its have an lot of advantage. Why people use an PDF format?


Consider your document contains the message in Tamil or any other language . If you open any Tamil file it display the Tamil letters properly when the system have an Tamil fonts. Otherwise it does not display the Tamil letters properly. So your document contain box or lot of symbols. To avoid this PDF format is use.

Consider, you are open a Tamil file in your system without installing Tamil fonts, now that documents contain only box or lot of symbols. To see the Tamil file you need to install that type of Tamil font.

If you converted that file in PDF format, you can open that Tamil file and read properly. So no need to install that font in your system. To avoid this PDF is use. Remember, its not possible to edit any PDF file. This is the reason company's or press or office provide the books in PDF format.

Adobe Reader software is used to read the PDF file. It's freeware. In Microsoft - word 2007 you can convert the word document to PDF format. But you need to install the add on. Get this add on in net by searching ' PDF add on for word 2007' in Google search. You can get lot of links.In Microsoft word 2010, you no need to install this add on. This add on is default in Ms office word 2010.