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Today we see about Jurassic world the game tips, tricks and cheats you must know. Sure these tricks helps you to save more resources in game and clear the level quickly.


We need to play this game with the help of resources like DNA,FOOD,COINS,BUCKS  & LOYALTY POINTS. We need to spend these resources carefully in game otherwise we need to purchase using real money or we need to wait more time. Let see how to save and get more resources.

COINS: You can get more coins through Dinosaur based on its level. More level to dinosaur gives you more coins. In online battle also, you will reward mostly with coins, by completing the mission , you will get more coins. So you have more chance to receive coins.

BUCKS: Its very rare to get. So save the bucks carefully during tutorial, you will receive buck rarely in online battle. card pack,mission completion and level up. Don't use the buck to speed up or Hatching. You need to spend buck only in ON-LINE BATTLE and HATCHING PROCESS TO LEGENDARY DINOSAUR .You can receive more buck during online battle only. So you can spend bucks to online battle.
Don’t spend Buck on extra incubators. Spending the 10 Buck to activate another incubator does not permanently unlock it for you. Remember don't spend a buck to "Expand your park". Once you level up, you will get a chance to expand your space using coins, if you use buck then you will not offer using coin till you reach next level up.

INCUBATORS: First incubator is always free. 2nd requires 10 buck, 3rd requires 25 buck. 4th requires 50 buck. Whenever you are going to Hatch Legendary dinosaur use the 2nd incubator onwards. Don't use 1st incubator to Legendary Dinosaur otherwise it take few days to complete. Please remember 1st incubator is always free and does not require any bucks.

FOOD: Upgrade the food production as much as possible to you. For level 6 requires 1000 bucks and level 7 requires 3000 bucks. Its good to upgrade food production up to level 7. Because you will receive more food. Using more food you can  get more DINO through TRADE HARBOUR and you can easily level up the dinosaur.

DNA: Its very very rare to receive the DNA. So you need to spend DNA more carefully. You can receive the DNA free by watching a ad , selling a Dinosaur or Trade Harbour. My suggestion is watch the ad and get the DNA or Trade Harbour gives you more DNA. Please  remember Don't Sell a dinosaur to get DNA. Because Some times you need more Dinosaurs to complete the Mission. For example . Mission such as "Have a 100 Dinosaur". If you sell Dinosaur for DNA it is very difficult to complete the mission and also you will receive few DNA while selling a Dinosaur.

CARD PACK: Every 6 hour, you receive a free card pack, don't miss it to collect.

SPECIAL EVENT: Complete the Special event and get a card pack free without fail. Attend the event only if you have Strong Dinosaur, otherwise don't participate by spending the coins.

LOYALTY POINTS: Collect the loyalty points and save it till you reach 10000 points. Card packs available to 2000 points, 4000 points and 10000 points. Card pack which is 10000 points gives you a Legendary Dinosaur, other packs gives you only buildings and other resources. So 10000  card pack is worth.

TRADE HARBOUR: Use this only  to get DNA avoid it for coins, foods, building, decoration. She asking more resources but gives you very low. So always use it only for DNA. Get DNA only using Food or Coin, don't get a DNA by spending BUCKS & LOYALTY POINTS.

BUILDING MISSION: Some mission require to build a building. So whenever you unlock a new building,  immediately purchase and place it. Once it build and shows XP, don't tap and collect the XP. Once you receive a mission to build, then collect the XP. So you can easily  complete the mission and don't wait for more hours.

MISSION: Don't level up the dinosaur to its maximum level once you hatched a dinosaur. If you maximized your dinosaur immediately its tough to complete  missions like feed carnivore 10 times. So level up carefully. Mission like "Have 10 carnivore level 15 or more" are very difficult to complete once you maximized the dinosaur after hatched. So Don't maximize the dinosaur once you hatched.

  • Remember those Class Advantages during battle and switch the dinosaur carefully whenever require
  • Carefully calculate the opponent points at every round 
  • Feed up the dinosaur to become more strong 
  • Don't choose legendary plus dinosaur, else you will receive tough team. 
  • Attend more battle to know how to reserve the points, block the point.