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In some situation we need apk of installed application in android phone. By installing application directly from play store we wont get the apk file from playstore. By downloading apk from website which is offer to download apk directly from playstore also annoying due to poor interface and ad problem. We can create the apk easily from installed application of android phone using es file explorer app.

This is one the trick which is hidden in es file explorer. Let see how to create apk using es file explorer. Make sure that, you have installed latest es file explorer app. As on, latest version have good interface.

  1. Open es file explorer app
  2. Es file explorer opens automatically Home page else open it manually 
  3. Now tap the android icon which is label APP
  4. It display the app which are installed in your android phone
  5. Tap app which you like to make apk till it get select option
  6. Now automatically opens more options at bottom and select "backup"
  7. Once backup is successful, navigate to internal memory/backup/apps using esfile explorer
  8. Now you can see the apk file.
Like this, you can create apk for all apps at a time. Get the Es File explorer from google play store and it is completely free. There are lot of apps available in play store to make apk from installed app. By this trick, you can save time,memory space, mobile data and more.