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Mxhero is available for free at the Chrome Web Store, gives additional features that aren’t offered by Google, including the ability to send emails that self-destruct after 5 minutes, get notified when the recipient has read your email or clicked on links and images from it, schedule emails to be sent later, get a reminder email if the recipient doesn’t reply to your mail within a time. 

When installed, mxHero asks you for permissions to access your Gmail account when you log into your Gmail account in Chrome. Once done, you can start using its features. The tools offered by the extension can be accessed when composing an email. In the compose window, you will notice a new yellow icon at the bottom.

Total Track: Allows you to receive email notifications when the recipient(s) have accessed the image or links in your email.
Self-Destruct: Notifies the recipient that the email will self-destruct in 5 minutes, and automatically begins the countdown when opened. It accomplishes this by sending such messages as images rather than plain text, and then removing those images from its servers upon reaching the end of the countdown time.
Private Delivery: Allows you to send the same message to multiple people without revealing email addresses or names to each other.
Send Later: Lets you schedule the message to be sent later by specifying a custom date and time.
Reply Timeout: Lets you receive an email notification if the recipient doesn’t reply your email within the timeframe you specified.

This is the only tool which provides all features in free, remember already we discussed to track email using rightinbox, scheduling the email using boomerang extension.

Get here free MXHERO extension from chrome store for chrome browser. Its not available to other browsers.