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Today i intro a creative application for android users. Trigger or Trigger Limited application is wonderful Gesture Launcher for Android device. Its mine one of my favorite application.

Trigger is used to launch a application very fast by drawing something on device. For example if you would like to call a person,

  1.  You have to launch CONTACT app
  2.  Search or Select the Person
  3.  Tap the Call button 
It require 3 steps. Using gesture, just draw a gesture to call a particular person whenever you would like to call. ( Manually you have to assign a gesture to that person by drawing something ). 

In above picture, you can see the gesture and app to launch. To launch FACEBOOK app, they just to draw 'F' in home screen. It launches Facebook app rapidly. Remember, you have to set gesture manually once as your wish. Likewise other apps.


A Trigger icon will always remain on top of every app ready to be activated. Pressing the Trigger will call up a Gesture Field for you to draw your pre-created gestures. This will launch the pre-set action. Pulling the Trigger in the north, east, south, west, northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest directions will activate a pre-set action. This is a quick-action and it can be set to any gesture. Press and hold on the Trigger to move it to any location. 

The Trigger can be shown or hidden by:
1. Search Key for phones with Search Buttons
2. Notification Bar for phones without Search Buttons
3. Shake for all occasions 

This is the one and only best Gesture application in Android market with more actions. Very few gesture app are there in Play market. But there is no other app to beat this app in features. It have various customization options and settings for Trigger.

Trigger Limited is free version and you can set 6 gestures only. In Trigger ( Full version) , you can set Unlimited Gestures and Design the Gesture icon. You can purchase this application in Two way. 1) Paying money 2) Collecting 300 points by doing A) Download and Run apps in play market B) Complete the action.

I collected 300 points and Purchased full version of this app due to its features. It took nearly 6 months to collect 300 points. Due to low time , it took 6 months. Every one must have app and give a try! Sure this app makes  you different among your android friends circle!

Creating gesture is not only for apps, You can create  gesture to more actions and you will not get this much of actions in other Gesture App! Please explore these all actions by installing Trigger app!

  • Shortcuts  
  • Settings  15 Different Actions
  • Extras   10 Different Actions
  • Special  6 Different Actions
  • Panels  6 Different panels

If you are using Next Launcher, make this setting to launch the  Gesture field rapidly. So you can launch the rapidly. Gesture Field is a place to draw a gesture. You have to launch this filed before you draw.

Preference - Gesture Settings - Glide Up Action - Shortcut - Gesture Field.

This setting makes you launch a Gesture Field rapidly and you can draw the Gesture quickly.