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App Lock(Smart App Protector) BEST APP LOCK FOR ANDROID!

Today i am intro a App lock application for android phone. This post will helpful to every android phone user. Smart App Protector is a FREE android application and provides more amazing Lock features which you not get in Pro lock application. Every android users must have this app lock application. Let see its amazing features i wondered. Below i specified my favorite features and enjoyed with this app lock.

  • You can lock the application in different way like  Password using Number, Character, Pattern lock and Gesture ( Gesture Lock is amazing, you never get this any other app for Free )
  • Lock Screen - So you no need to install any other app to lock your android home screen. You can design the lock screen as your wish adding your custom image and more. So you no need to install any home screen lock app like Go Locker or any other.
  • Remote Control is my favorite feature. You can lock and unlock your phone by sending message to your phone from other other phone. 
    • For example, initially you have to set the keyword for lock and unlock the phone. When you send the message keyword for lock from any phone, phone will be locked. Likewise to unlock.
  • You can design the notification bar with various icons
  • You can set no of times user can enter the wrong password. If limit is reached, have to wait for few seconds.
  • Additional Locks - You can lock USB connections, outgoing calls, 3G data, WIFI.
  • Screen - If you add apps to this tab, the screen will never turn off when running registered app
  • Rotation - If you add an app to this tab, screen of your device will not auto rotate to landscape or portrait mode when app is running.
  • It have 4 different types of widget. Add it in home screen.
  • When you type password, character will be changed automatically.
  • Auto password check - no need to enter OK button after you enter the correct password. So you can confuse more unauthorized person.  
  • Set Lock Time to only activate lock at certain time
  • More feature are in app, you know it when you install.

In Pro, additionally we get one more pro feature, but in free, we all got more usable lock features. But it does not have a feature to lock Gallery. But the developer of this software gives a application to lock Gallery called smart Gallery. It also available in Pro and Free. Install it if you need.

This Smart App Protector is required Internal Memory to store. Its an best Free app lock software i seen in Android.  In Pro lock app also you will never get these feature. Get Smart App Protector Free from Google Play . Install Smart Gallery Lock Free if you need to lock Gallery. If you examine all features in this app lock software means you will amaze. Try all features in this application.