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After a very long time, we publish the post other than android. Today we intro you one interesting game to pass the time. Already we introduced one wonderful 3D game on Disney called TARZAN.  Hope you enjoyed this game very well. If you are new to TARZAN, don't miss to play. Today we see the game about The Jungle Book. This is one of the very oldest game of Disney. Earlier, this game is very interesting. But today various games are came with new technology.

Highlights of Game:

  •  First level is very easy to play and you will find interesting powers to kill the enemies.
  • Animals are your enemies.
  • Each level have different. You will wonder at each level.
  • Disney games always have one specialty. You will find that each level. It will never beat the new games
  • Don't miss to play this game if you are new to this.
  • Interesting game to play to kill your time.
  • You have to give lots of try to win the level.
  • Use your mind properly to finish the each level.

It works also in Pentium II processor. This game is very rare to available. If you get this, you are lucky. Google may help you to get this game. Old game lovers sure will love this game. New members are don't miss to play this game. I was searched this game long time. I played this game at school level. After i lost it.
We have more time killing games. Wait for that!