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Today i intro you one amazing launcher to your android phone. No android phone ? make this page as book mark. Launchers are give more customize option to android phone. Already we introduced Go Launcher. That team, newly introduced one 3D launcher called Next Launcher. 

If you have Android phone means, never miss this launcher to give a try. But its a paid version. This launcher recently introduced. It it similar to Go Launcher. They provide updates frequently. Most of the features in Go launcher is added in next launcher. This launcher provides makes your android phone into new style. You will understand more amazing effects by seeing below pictures.

  •  Everything is 3D.
  •  Especially cuboid effect. 
  •  More animation effects.
  •  Superb 3D icons
  •  Gesture settings and more

You need to purchase this launcher. There is no free try on this app. Requires internal storage. Visit Google Play link to get Next Launcher. Your android version must be in 2.3 / Gingerbread.