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Today we intro you one superb application to your android mobile. Do you want to use the technology with your life perfectly ? Then use beezee app. Beezee application will send sms automatically when your mobile in silent mode or when you not answering a call. Every android users kindly make use of it.

Consider, you put your mobile in silent mode and went to sleep. At that time if you get the phone call means?  Caller does not know your situation.

If you use beezee app, you can set your own message ( like Mobile in silent mode & i went to sleep ), then put your mobile in silent mode. If you get phone call or you missed it means, it will send the message to that caller automatically. Similarly you can set this app for critical situation when you can't able to attend the mobile like while charging, sleeping, bathing etc.

Beezee  application is free to use. Beezee send the message using your phone network. We are strongly recommend you , use this app if you activated free sms offer. Otherwise, network will charge your for every sms. It requires SD card to store. Download  Beezee app from Google Play market.

  • Automatically reply with a personalized SMS for missed calls and/or receiving SMS when you're unable to answer (Driving, In the gym, Sleeping, etc..)
  • You can set the message as your wish.
  • Set your status duration or expired time! No worry even if you forget to turn off.
  • Set your phone to silent mode during time limits. beeZee will restore it automatically after turn off.