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In default android smart phone, you can lock your mobile default , password or pattern lock. But, Go Locker  app provide various style to lock your phone with good lock. Already we saw about Go Launcher App. To use Go Locker app, you must install Go Launcher App  already. Go Locker is work using Go Launcher App. In this post, i intro you some superb themes and  get more fun with your phone lock. Below the steps to use Go Locker.

1) First, install Go Launcher App - Ignore if you already installed.
2) Then, Install Go Locker App
3) Finally install various lock themes available in Google Market.

Remember, Go Locker App requires internal memory. But most of the locker themes requires SD card to store. Few locker themes only require internal memory. Lets see some beautiful Go Locker themes to make your mobile more beautiful. By installing these, you will be differ and you can confuse your friends when they work with your mobile! All are my favorite theme. Few apps are free and few apps are need to buy. Stores on SD card. Don't miss to try. You will amaze while unlock.

                                          GO Locker Christmas Eve Theme


                                    HallowScarecrow GO LockerTheme

                Bamboo Puzzle             Wp7                 Metro UI

Above locker will unlock your phone in different style. Install all locker themes and use RANDOM option in locker setting. Now your phone will lock in different style. Use below keywords in Google Play Market and you will get more types of lock and unlock styles. To install above themes, just click the title of locker.

Keywords: Iphone lock, puzzle locker, windows 8, metro lock

Did you know better locker themes ? Different lock and unlock themes ? Inform to us via or contact me form or provide in comment. We publish it in Facebook page with your name.