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When we work with computer by opening lot of folders may confuse to open particular folder. We can get Tab browsing effect in Windows PC like an browsers. It is more easy and more convenient to work with system. To get this effect, Clover software will help you. You can add your favorite folder in bookmark to quick access. You will get the tab like an chrome browser.


Working with shortcut  and hidden tricks provided below of this software will provides you very fast browsing in windows PC, No one miss to try this software.

Ctrl + N Open a new Clover window.
Ctrl + T Open a new tab.
Ctrl + W Close current tab.
Ctrl + Shift + T Re-open last closed tab.
Ctrl + D Bookmark current folder.
Ctrl + Shift + D Place all opened tabs into a bookmarked folder.
Ctrl + Tab Switch to next tab.
Ctrl + Shift + Tab Switch to previous tab.
Ctrl + Shift + B Enable or disable bookmark bar.

Some of the hidden tricks in this software are via click:

  • Double clicking on a tab closes the tab.
  • Middle clicking (mousewheel click) on tab closes the tab.
  • Holding Ctrl while double clicking on a folder opens that folder in a new tab.
  • Right Click on a folder and pressing E opens the folder in a new tab.
  • Middle clicking (mousewheel click) on a bookmark opens the location to a new tab.
Some of the hidden tricks in this software are via Dragging:
  • Dragging folders to the bookmark bar bookmarks the folder.
  • Dragging folders to the tab bar opens it in new tab.
  • Dragging folders onto an existing tab replaces that tab with the dragged folder.
  • Dragging a tab outside of the current window opens it to a new window.

File size:  Less than 2.5 Mb
Cost: Freeware
Os: Works up to Windows 7, not available the stable version for windows 8.
Download link: Clover