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Today i show you one of the Best Horror Movie and happy to share with you. I think most of the member know about this movie. I hope, it will chance to know till who don't know about this. This is the movie i enjoyed when i pursuing in College and thank to my friend Ashok to introduced this movie. Lets see about this movie.

Wrong Turn ( Part 1 ) movie came at 2003. Single line story is... Six people find themselves trapped in the woods of West Virginia, hunted down by "cannibalistic mountain men". Highlight of this movie is Screenplay. You can't able to find what will happen next. This movie is not recommended for Children, Women, Pregnant women, weak heart person & who hates disgust. I recommend you, don't watch this movie in front of your family members.  

Movie goes with more interesting what will happen next with Thrill. Remember there is a huge difference between Horror & Thrill. Really i impressed with Desmond Harrington ( Plays a role Chris Flynn ) acting in this movie, especially when he trapped in Mountain Men Home. One more scene is Tree House. It also very interesting. Don't miss to watch these scenes. 

Desmond Harrington

This movie will give disgust or shock or wonder when the peoples are murder. Mountain Men also should give the disgust to you. This movie got two awards and user rating  6.4 out of 10 according to IMDB at the period of  published date of this post. I recommend you, don't miss to watch this movie and don't watch in front of your family members.

Enjoy the movie with subtitle. Movie running time is 100 Min 16 Seconds. After you watched this movie, i am sure, you will search automatically for next part of this movie. While watching this movie, you will found the answer for the question " Why these movies are not come in Theater ? ". In Upcoming post, i intro some other interesting movies and don't miss to watch interesting scene i specified above.