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Want to display you differ among your friends? Then read this tutorial carefully.  Today i teach you one important feature in Facebook. Most of the members not use this features properly and if you do this means, you will be different in Facebook. You will share your thought in your wall. Then you  can upload the photo or video. Rarely we will use the feature called 'Event'

Event 1: If you visited any tour means, simply you will update it by adding the photos with single line. 

Event 2: If you move to new job means, simply you will add this job details in your profile and then you will update in status in few lines.

Event 3: If you bought new bike/laptop means, simply you will add your product photo with few line comment.

Like this, in our life, we share our life events with our friends very simply. But if you use LIFE AND EVENT feature in Facebook means, it will be highlighted in your Timeline profile. So your event is reaches to your friends to more attractive.  This feature is provide by Facebook, we wont use any other applications. So you  no need to worry about security. 

Once you tried this feature means, sure you like it and your life event is highlighted in your timeline. Let see how to use this feature. First Log in to your Facebook account. Now go to your Timeline.  Below your Facebook cover, you will see the place to share your thought like an Status, Photo, Video, Place etc. Here you will see the LIFE AND EVENT. Click the event which you like  and add the content. You can share your life event to particular list or friends or as your wish. 

Some Life Events In Your Life: ( According To Facebook )

  • Work & Education: New job, retirement, new school etc.
  • Family & Relationship: New child, end of relationship etc
  • Home & Living: Bought a home or new vehicle etc
  • Health & Wellness: Weight lost or new eating habit etc
  • Travel & Experience: Tour or Award etc

If you life event is not present means, kindly use the OTHER LIFE EVENT in correct CATEGORY. Share your life event with your friends differently. Always be differ from others. Have fun with Facebook!