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Little Careless will make a big problem. Sometime we will careless in small info but finally it leads to a big problem. Like that we will get some good email in spam folders. Yes is believable to you?  Sometime you will get good emails in spam folders. In Technically, Good emails (Mails which are not affect by Spam) are refer as 'Ham' Mails. 'Spam' is technical word and you know what is this!

For example consider Gmail, it scans our every receiving email . Based on Good or Spam, moves the emails to inbox or spam folder. Some times Gmail moves the Good emails to spam folder. 

If you check the spam folder properly, sometime you will get some good emails from your well known person or email id. Most of the members , select the all spam emails and delete it without analyzing. They will loss if any good emails if he get.

I strongly  recommend you, before you delete the spam emails , analyze it for good emails and then delete it. If you found any good emails , just click the 'not spam' button  after select that email. Gmail moves it to inbox. If you subscribed any newsletter, you can see that email in spam folder sometime. It happens very rarely. Once you marked email is not spam, next time Gmail move the email from that receiver to inbox.

I got few good mails in spam folder. One time,  i got  email from Google in spam folder. I shocked how mail from Google is moved spam folder in Gmail. At that same time i wondered lot of spam mails are moved spam folder directly. Some time i got  spam email in my inbox. Then i will make it as spam.

So guys, sometime you may chance to good mails in spam folder. Like that spam mails also you will get in inbox directly. When you delete spam emails from spam folder , analyze it for good emails and then delete the mails. This tip not only for Gmail, it suitable to other email service also. 

Remember, emails which are stay 30 days in spam folder will automatically deleted by Gmail. So, properly check your spam folder for good emails. Otherwise you may  loss valuable emails.