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Today we will see character limit value in our favorite social network! That is number of characters allows to publish the post in social network! Sometime it may helpful to you! 

Twitter allows only 140 character to tweet! Twitter have very low character limit even it if more favorite among social network! Till now, they didn't increase the character limit! Hope every one know this! Read about Facebook and Google Plus! Its interesting.

When Facebook came, it allows only 160 character to publish the post in wall! In march 2009, it increased the limit up to 420 character! But, in our blog we provided the tip to post the more than 420 character at that period. In July 2011, again Facebook upgraded the limit value up to 500 character! After two months, that is 2011, September month character limit is increased up to 5000!

But recently Facebook announced and allows up to 60,000 + character to publish in Facebook wall! But, Facebook exactly allows till now up to 63,206 character. Hope everyone know, Google Plus from Google! Google plus allows you 1,00,000 character to post!