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Friends! I recommend you, read the previous post called 'Gmail Username does not consider Dot' before you read this post. Today we will see about  Plus Addressing in gmail.  This is also one of the secret info & rare trick in gmail.

Plus addressing means, Gmail allow you to have multiple Gmail email address, at the same time all the email will be delivered to the your inbox.  You just add a plus (+) sign after your Gmail  username & then add any word you like next to plus sign and all the email send to your new email address will be forward to your original email inbox.

For example,  Consider Gmail account username is now i created a new Gmail plus addressing called Now, all the email send to will go into inbox. Same like that, you can create multiple email address, for example see below.



If anyone send mail to any duplicate email, mail will go to original email id. Using plus addressing email id, you can able to receive the email only & you can't able to login. 

After created duplicate email, Try the concept and enjoy. Remember, In username have 'Dot', we can able login & receive the email. But having 'Plus', we can able to receive the email only. 

Understand this post properly because upcoming post is related to this post & previous post. That is, how to control spam using plus addressing. Very useful trick.