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Locker Master- Fun, DIY (DO IT YOURSELF) Locker Themes

Want to create your own lock screen? Then Locker Master is perfect choice to create your animated lock screen. Here various tools are available to design our own lock screen. Its very easy to use. Create your own lock screen and share. 

Please note that, this lock screen wont give high security. But it
provides more fun.


1. A simple but powerful DIY editor that allows you to quickly create personalized, beautiful, and even complex lock screen themes;

2. An extensive selection of clock designs, decorations, sprites and props that you can easily mix and match to your heart's desire;

3. A large variety of unique and clever unlocking methods to choose from beyond simple swipe gestures and password patterns; 

4. Able to show unread SMS messages and missed calls on locker screen; 

5. Able to display third party app notification on locker screen (include Google +, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat etc.) 

Its completely free and click here to download.