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Today we see one animated theme for your android phone. Already we published regarding Go Launcher. If you are new to Go Launcher means, read this Go Launcher Tutorial first, then continue here.

Dryad is one of the best themes came with animation. Super Theme effects is only available for phones with GO Launcher EX V3.19.  Otherwise animations will not appear. So, make sure that, you are installed latest version of Go Launcher app.

  • It have wonderful icons ( Mine Favorite )
  • When you shake the phone, leaves will fall
  • When you tap the home screen, water will drop
  • Live Snail, butterfly, flies, bugs are provide more fun.
  • Animated Clock

Some beautiful features i showed in above  picture. Don't miss to try this app. This app is available in Free and Pro version. In Pro, you will get full features. Requires android version 2.0 or above. It require sd card store. Its not a stand alone app, you must install Go Launcher app before you install this app.