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Already we saw how to design the sms in your android phone using Go Sms Pro. Its provided you more fun to read sms and amazing sms features. When you use this Go smspro, you can see the popup when new message received.  By this popup, you no need to open the message application and you can able to reply or delete the message or open. It appears in small screen. 

Lets see how to design this popup screen and it gives you more fun. To use this pop up, you must install Go sms pro. Learn more about go sms pro here. After you installed go sms pro, you need to install pop up themes. See the below themes.

Install these themes and make your friends to shock. Above themes are static. In pop up, have animated themes also. Its give animation when pop it. After you installed these themes, open go sms pro, then go to settings, now you can see the tab 'Go Popup'. Here you can see the installed themes.


Visit Google Play market and install these themes. Just click the image to visit corresponding theme. Some of the app are free and few are pro. In default , you will get cloud theme. Enjoy this feature and amaze your friends.


Happy to share this wonderful live wallpaper with you. Today i intro you one cool live wallpaper to your android mobile. This is mine one of best live wallpaper. If your mobile have high clarity means, your mobile turns to amazing look with this live wallpaper. You will understand its by seeing below pictures.

 This live wallpaper is available in two modes. In Free version, amazing features are disabled. In full version only you will get beautiful features. It require internal memory to store. Once you install this live wall paper, sure you like it. It gives superb 3D effect when you use this wall paper in default mode.

In full version, you will get more customize options to change the  leaves, light and more. Ge this live wallpaper from Google Play Market. Free version and Pro version. Don't miss to try this live wallpaper.


Today we intro you one superb application to your android mobile. Do you want to use the technology with your life perfectly ? Then use beezee app. Beezee application will send sms automatically when your mobile in silent mode or when you not answering a call. Every android users kindly make use of it.

Consider, you put your mobile in silent mode and went to sleep. At that time if you get the phone call means?  Caller does not know your situation.

If you use beezee app, you can set your own message ( like Mobile in silent mode & i went to sleep ), then put your mobile in silent mode. If you get phone call or you missed it means, it will send the message to that caller automatically. Similarly you can set this app for critical situation when you can't able to attend the mobile like while charging, sleeping, bathing etc.

Beezee  application is free to use. Beezee send the message using your phone network. We are strongly recommend you , use this app if you activated free sms offer. Otherwise, network will charge your for every sms. It requires SD card to store. Download  Beezee app from Google Play market.

  • Automatically reply with a personalized SMS for missed calls and/or receiving SMS when you're unable to answer (Driving, In the gym, Sleeping, etc..)
  • You can set the message as your wish.
  • Set your status duration or expired time! No worry even if you forget to turn off.
  • Set your phone to silent mode during time limits. beeZee will restore it automatically after turn off.


Today we will see one important android app to android users. Are you running out of application storage? Do you hate having to check each and every app if it supports moving to the SD card? Do you want an app that automatically does this for you and can notify you when an app can be moved?  App 2 SD helps you to get more free internal phone storage space.  App2sd  app also helps you to find the app which are can able to move from phone to memory card. It also provide some other beautiful features to manage the installed app. Every android user must have this app.

Generally apps can install in internal memory or sd card. But most of the android phone have very low internal memory. Some of the app must require internal memory to install. We can't able to move to sd  card. Some of the app works perfectly if it install in sd card, but it store default in phone memory. If you install, lot of app, you can't able to find, which app must require internal memory. To avoid this problem, app 2 sd  application is used. In past post, we told you to install lots of GO app. Now you can easily find which apps are stored in internal memory and which apps are stored in SD card. Just see the below picture  and this app is divided into 3 tabs. 


1) MOVABLE: Here they will list the app which are can able to move from Internal memory to SD card. In single tap, you can move it.

2) ON SD CARD: List the app, which are stored in SD card. We can move it to Internal memory.

3) PHONE ONLY: List the app, which are required to store internal memory. We can't able to move these apps to SD card. Due to these filter option, you can easily manage the app.

4) UNINSTALL THE APP: If you press the app in long touch, it provides an option to uninstall the app. So easy to uninstall any app.

5) CLEARS CACHE MEMORY: This is my favorite option. It calculates cache memory size and asked to clear whenever you open this app. So you can save more internal memory and more.

This app is available in FREE and PRO mode. It requires SD card to store. Size is 1 MB. Get this app from play market. This app is more helpful to you when you try / test any app from play market. New version have superb interface. To understand easily, we provided here interface of old version.


Today i intro one wonderful application to every android users. If you purchase android phone in future, you must know about this app and make bookmark of this page. Generally to access memory card, we need data-cable to connect with computer.

Airdroid is a amazing free application, you can connect your mobile with desktop pc without data-cable. Using wifi, we can browse the memory card. Once you try this app,you never uninstall from your mobile. No need to install any other software in your person pc. It requires SD card to store.

Lets see how to use this app. First install Airdroid from Google play
  • Make sure that your pc and mobile are connected in same wifi network.
  • Open the application from phone and tap start button. Now the airdroid app will generate password. 
  • Next, open the link in your pc via  Firefox or Chrome browser.
  • Enter the password generated by airdroid app in password field of browser. Now its look like an below picture

Its shows lots tools to access your memory card. You can do the all operations whatever you do when you connect your mobile with pc via datacable. Some additional features are... you chat with your friends over this app. 

One more amazing feature is you can transfer large files within few seconds. Consider to transfer 100 mb file via data cable means it takes nearly 1 minute means, airdroid takes approximately 30 seconds. Data transfer speed is really high. Then you upload or download your all files and you can manage easily. 

You can manage the contacts very easily and provide more options to do with contacts. Here i explained little bit features only. When you use this app, you can discover more features and wonder. Don't miss to try this app. Thank to image providers.