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Today we will see the trick in Vodafone.  If you recharge for 50 rs means, you will get 42 rs approximately. So, 8 rs includes the tax etc. So, here we loss our 8 Rs. By this trick, hereafter you will get full talk time in Vodafone at recharge every time. There is no hack in this trick. Its an specialty. Just follow the simple steps below. Its only for Vodafone customers.

  • Call to 121 from your mobile 
  • Now Vodafone will tell you what are the full talk time available for your Vodafone number
  • Then  recharge to amount you received from 121 in Recharge shop. 

Consider, if you get the full talk time offer for amount 50 rs means, initially you will get 42 rs. After few minutes you will get extra talk time 8 rs. 

You will get the offer from the amount  40. You may get the full talk time offer  for 50 rs  ,100 rs, 200 rs and more. Remember, you can call to this no at any time. Suddenly, you will get the full talk time offer. 

One more important info, to get full talk time, first you must call to this no before you recharge. You must recharge to amount what you get from 121. 


The Ruins -  One of the horror movie you can watch to time pass.   Story of the movie is.... While on vacation in a resort in Mexico, Mathias invites the group to visit the ruins of a Mayan temple with his Greek friend Dimitri are camped eighteen kilometers far from the resort. They hire an old taxi and when they reach the spot, they are surrounded by Mayan villagers. To escape from villagers, they are stay in Mayan Temple without know about that temple. At the bottom of temple, villagers waiting with bow and arrow, guns and more to kill. Because, who stay in Mayan temple will affect by creeper. 

Mayan Temple
Mayan temple will murder the group one by one using the creeper and flower. Movies goes ,Group is trying to escape from Mayan temple and Mayan Villagers. This movie goes with interesting due to good screen play. Watch this movie when you need to time pass. Some of the scenes will disgust you. So don't watch this movie with children. In this movie, have one scene, its really more disgust i never see before any other movie. I recommend you, avoid this movie watching in front of Family members, child, weak heart person.  

Movie run time is 1 hour, 33 minutes, 25 seconds. Don't miss to watch this movie with subtitle. Sub title will help you to understand this movie. Persons who are can't able to control the disgust, kindly avoid this movie. Finally i like to say, don't miss to watch this movie.

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Today i published first post regarding Android App. We found lot of useful and funny applications in Google Play. Hereafter i share with you the application what i enjoyed. Sure everyone will differ and makes you differ among your friend circle.


First  i describe basics setup of android. It will helpful to new android users. After purchased  a android mobile, you need to synchronize your mobile with your official Gmail account. So, using gmail apps in your mobile, log in to your account and synchronize it. Synchronize option available in gmail application. Now you can able to use the PLAY feature fully in browser. By this PLAY feature, you can detect the apps is compatible or not with your device, you can install the application in your phone via browser and more. 

To attract our friends, we set the wallpaper in Normal mobile. Wallpaper in Smartphones are differ when compare to normal mobil.e Live Wallpaper in Android  phones give amazing look. Today app is regarding Live Wallpaper. Super Touch Amazing Siren is one of my best Live Wallpaper and happy to share with you. If your mobile clarity is high means, sure you will enjoy this!

Super Touch Amazing Siren creates a magical effect of rippling water when you touch.  It have 3 default wallpaper. 3 picture will give amazing water effect and reality. I recommend you the 3 picture in this application.


Before you install this app ( not only this, any app ) from Google Play, read the user comment and review of that app. Its saves your valuable time. While installing, read the all permission and install it if it satisfies you! Size: 357k  Price: Free Download Link: Super Touch Amazing Siren




Dear Readers! Happy to share this info with you! In this month, Hari11888 Blog spot is successfully finished the second year and entered into third year with your help. So, we like to celebrate it with Android. Hereafter you will get the android application posts also.

In mobile, heavy competition going between iphone and android due to various amazing applications. If you are ready to purchase a new mobile now or hereafter, strongly recommend you , purchase the mobile that contains android os. Let see, about this basic android amazing features and why its top.

  • Android is a Linux-based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. It is developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google
  • Here is  the various versions of Android. Cupcake , Donut , Eclair , Froyo , Gingerbread , Honeycomb , Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean
  • There are lot of OS phones available in market like windows, android, apple etc.Its an open source.

Recently, Google launched the new feature, PLAY in Google search page. We can't able to use this feature fully, without android mobile or android device. Hope everyone know chrome store, here have various add on, themes, utilities, games , apps etc to chrome browser. Same like that, Google Play for android mobile.


Google Play contains various amazing applications which you can't get in chrome store. Various Themes, Applications, Utilities, Games, Funny Apps and more available in that store. If you have android based mobile means, you will get new experience with your mobile. If any one ready to purchase, get the mobile with android.


Consider, if your android mobile have camera with LED Flash means, you will get more clarity in camera pictures. But your mobile model doesn't have Torch Light feature means, you can make your mobile as Torch light using application in Google Play. There are lot of apps available in market in free, to convert your LED Flash light as Torch. If you install the Torch Light apps from Google play, it will convert LED Flash as Torch. So, you can use your mobile as Torch.Similarly we can get lots of amazing apps from Google Play.



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Today i intro you one superb website to increase functionality of  Ms Office. Most of the members now using Ms Office 2007 / 2010. Even, it left some important features like Tab Feature, Classic Menu etc.

Extend Office is a website have collections of Ms Office Add on especially for Word, Power point & Excel. Below i explained some features you never miss it. By installing these add on your Ms Office will get more features.


One of my favorite feature is Office Tab. Its like an Tab in browser. More convenient to you when you works with multiple documents. It available in Free Version & Pro Version. In Pro , you will get more features than free. Here you will get the details of Office Tab amazing features presents in Pro and Freeware.



New users of Ms Office 2007 & 2010 from Ms Office 2003 is may difficult to work with latest version due to Ribbon format. We can get classic menu in Ms Office 2007 & Ms Office 2012 by installing Classic Menu Add On for Ms Office.

Kutools for Microsoft Word is a powerful add-in that frees you from time-consuming operations which majority of Word users have to perform daily! It contains groups of tools for saving hours of your time! You can use it to rename document easily, copy document file and paste the document file to any file location as you want, insert captions, and so on. Kutools efficiently helps you handle the complicated and repeated operations when you process the Word documents, and save your time by boosting your work efficiency. It have more than 100 features. In Kutools , you will get two additional tab in application.


Kutools for Word - Here you can see the list of features, screen shots and download link

Kutools for ExcelHere you can see the list of features, screen shots and download link


Ribbon Finder is one more Add on helps you find and use thousands of Microsoft Office commands. Commands means like an Insert , resend etc. It also helpful to all. To know more about Ribbon Finder visit here to read its usage. Ribbon finder is available for various types of Ms Office. Download Ribbon Finder here based on  your Ms Office type like an Professional or Enterprise or Home etc..

These all features are available in Extend Office Website. For more details visit the home page of extend office website. Install the your favorite  add on and get new experience with Ms Office.


Saving a Word file in PDF format is very useful to us. In Ms Office 2010, save a file in PDF format is available. But, in Office 2007, this feature is not available default. Download PDF add on for Ms Office 2007 here. File size is 934 kb only.