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Today we will see decoration of your android smart phone and PC / Laptop to enjoy this Christmas. Already we published how to decorate our PC for Christmas. Even, let see some important decoration. Various Christmas trees are available in free. Download it and activate.


Visit below link and you will get the applications for 1) Christmas light 2) Christmas Screen saver 3) 3D Christmas Tree 4) Snows 5) Ecards 6) Wallpapers and more. This post is already published in our blog. Visit here to get more Christmas application.

Let see decoration part of android phone to make more beautiful. Already we saw some Go Launcher apps. These all decorations related to Go apps. So you must install Go apps what are saw in past post. Here we intro the app name only to decorate your phone. With this name, you can easily get the app from play market.

APP 1: MC coming Theme GO Launcher EX. You must install Go Launcher App before use this app.

APP 2:  Christmas HD is a best live wallpaper. It does not require any Go app.

APP 3: GO Locker Christmas Eve Theme. You must install Go Locker App before use this app.

APP 4: GO SMS Pro Christmas Theme. You must install Go Sms Pro App before use this app.

App 5:  3D Christmas Live Wallpaper Free. It does not require any Go app.

Above android apps all are free to use except one live wallpaper. These apps are HD and provide more beautiful to your smart phone. Lots of Christmas theme are available. But these apps provide you better look. Here i left to say theme for go contact. Christmas theme for go contact also available. You can install that too. But, above theme are strongly recommend you to install this app upto Christmas / December month. Be differ among your friends!


Today we will one superb post regarding android smart phone. In default android phone sms  application have very low feature. Go sms pro is a free android app to android smart phone. It have amazing features. Go sms pro provides amazing threaded view in awesome themes. Once you installed this, you will wonder. Lets see some features. Below features you won't get in default android smart phone.

  • Wonderful Themes ( Mine Favorite )
  • It provides the filter option inbox, outbox, sent, draft, sms and you can add your own folder.
  • Schedule the message
  • You can lock the message with password
  • Filter the message with keyword
  • Block the sms with keyword
  • Message counter

Before you install Go Sms Pro

                 Some Screenshots Of Different Themes Of Go SMS Pro

You will get above feature in free app. In pro, you will get more options. I strongly recommend you to install this app and enjoy the features. There are lot of themes available in free in Google Play market. You can enjoy the sms theme with this app. 

I didn't say more features present in this app. You know when you work with this. This app is free. Size of app is 6 mb and it stores in SD card. In internal memory, it requires memory in kb ( 232 kb).  Get GO SMS PRO  app from Google Play Market. 



Last few post, we saw how to design android smart phone in Themes, Locker, Contacts. Today we see, how to design the keyboard with various styles. Go Keyboard is app provides more options in keyboard when compare to default android phone keyboard. 

Go keyboard also have various options to get more emoticons, more layouts and more themes. Prediction, Dictionary, fast typing and more amazing features are there. Its free to use.


In each theme, i provide screen sheet of different layout. It have various add on to get more features. Let see how to install this app.  Install Go Keyboard from play market . It requires 8 mb of internal memory. Themes will install in SD card. If you like to design your keyboard use this app. Sure you will wonder.  Shock your friends. You will get more themes after you installed Go keyboard app from play market.

This keyboard will appear whenever you type like create a new message, adding contacts, while browsing etc. Don't miss to try.



In default android smart phone, you can lock your mobile default , password or pattern lock. But, Go Locker  app provide various style to lock your phone with good lock. Already we saw about Go Launcher App. To use Go Locker app, you must install Go Launcher App  already. Go Locker is work using Go Launcher App. In this post, i intro you some superb themes and  get more fun with your phone lock. Below the steps to use Go Locker.

1) First, install Go Launcher App - Ignore if you already installed.
2) Then, Install Go Locker App
3) Finally install various lock themes available in Google Market.

Remember, Go Locker App requires internal memory. But most of the locker themes requires SD card to store. Few locker themes only require internal memory. Lets see some beautiful Go Locker themes to make your mobile more beautiful. By installing these, you will be differ and you can confuse your friends when they work with your mobile! All are my favorite theme. Few apps are free and few apps are need to buy. Stores on SD card. Don't miss to try. You will amaze while unlock.

                                          GO Locker Christmas Eve Theme


                                    HallowScarecrow GO LockerTheme

                Bamboo Puzzle             Wp7                 Metro UI

Above locker will unlock your phone in different style. Install all locker themes and use RANDOM option in locker setting. Now your phone will lock in different style. Use below keywords in Google Play Market and you will get more types of lock and unlock styles. To install above themes, just click the title of locker.

Keywords: Iphone lock, puzzle locker, windows 8, metro lock

Did you know better locker themes ? Different lock and unlock themes ? Inform to us via or contact me form or provide in comment. We publish it in Facebook page with your name. 



In past few post, we saw design concepts of android phone. Today post will learn you design the dialer with various themes using Go contacts Ex app and its features.

Go Contacts EX app is free and it design your android dial pad in various styles and also it provides various features. I provided below some themes. Most of themes available in free.

   It provides the some new features where you not get in default app come with android smart phone. It will filter missed call, incoming call, outgoing call. It provides 3D rotate style when you switch to other pad. Read more features in Google play market. Lets see how to install.


To use these themes, you must install Go Contacts Ex app from Play market. Its free. Remember, currently it requires 4 mb on internal memory. Then you can install various free themes available in play market. Mostly, themes are requires SD card to store.


If you like to design your phone means, use this app. You will get download link of all these themes after you installed Go Contacts Ex app. Be differ with your android smart phone. In upcoming post, we see some other different ways to design your android phone.

Go to google play market and search the key word "Go Contacts Themes". You will get more themes to design your dial pad.



Today we intro you some beautiful themes to make your android smart phone more beauty. Theme will come best theme when it looks more beauty at the same time it should help browse our mobile easily. Today i intro some themes, those are very clean look, simple and it provides superb good look to your mobile and easy to work with your mobile phone.

In Previous ( last week ) post, we saw about Go Launcher App. You must install this app before you install these themes. So read our previous post for more details about this Go Launcher App or Visit Google Play Market and install it as free. After you installed Go Launcher App , install the themes provided below which you like. Give a try to all themes and pick your favorite. 

If you know any other simple and good look themes from Go Launcher , send it to us via or use contact me form. We test it and publish at our Facebook page with sender details if they like.

                       Cool Blue Theme GO Launcher EX

Size: 401k  Price: Free Storage: Internal / Phone Memory
                      Cool Black Theme GO Launcher EX

Size: 364k  Price: Free Storage: Internal / Phone Memory

                    MC coming Theme GO Launcher EX

Size: 883k  Price: Free Storage: External Memory


Today we will intro one android app, that is  important app to who like to make their mobile always with awesome look and also very important because most of the upcoming post are related to this application. Go Launcher is a app provide more wonderful customize options to our android phone. I wondered by using this app features. It provides screen lock, folder option, beautiful themes, animations and more. I hope, most of the android users know about this app, even it will helpful to who new to android smart phone.

In internet, there are lots of  Theme customization software available ( Generally refers LAUNCHER ). Till my knowledge, there is no other launcher app not provide more features like an Go Launcher. There are more hidden features are present in this app.


I suggest , every android phone users must have this app. Lots of amazing post are related to this app. So everyone install this app.  In this post, we see some basic features of this app, in upcoming post we see how to make your android phone more beautiful. We will celebrate upcoming Christmas in android phone with amazing and shocking interface. Be ready to enjoy.

If you are new or old to Android smart phone, install this app. Upcoming post, we will intro amazing themes to make your android phone more beautiful.  In below link, you can install this app and don't miss to read the features present in this app and you will wonder , how this app is came with Free. Yes, this app is free of cost. But it requires internal memory to store. Don't worry about this, once you use this app, you know the value of this app.

Now visit the link for Go Launcher at Google Play Market and install it.  Read the features provided in that link and work with this app and learn more features yourself after you installed this app, Go to main screen in your android phone and press the OPTIONS button / touch the OPTIONS button in your phone. You will get the options to work with this app. If you work with this app familiar , upcoming posts are easy to you! In next post, we intro you some amazing themes to make your phone more beautiful! In upcoming post, we see the hidden features and amazing features of Go Launcher app.

                                                                                 DESIGN SERIES PART 1 - CONTINUE